How To Wear Kimonos

I feel getting dressed each day should make you feel happy. It helps with your overall mood. One special item can really change your entire day! One item most of you might sway away from is the kimono. It's a wardrobe must have this season, but If your asking yourself how to wear kimonos I'm here to help.

My Hair Care Routine

I have been to hell and back with my hair, Its taken 2 years to grow out one hell of a mess. I stupidly went very blonde a couple of years ago and regretted it so much.

Confidence Booster

Nails are your calling card to the world. That was a quote I read once from the founder of the nail brand Essie. It's most certainly true. Nails are also a huge confidence booster. Give a girl a beautiful manicure and she will light up a room.

What The Health & The Retreat

I recently watched 'What The Health' and 'The Retreat' and both rang alarm bells with me. I thought to myself what if my long term issues are food related? What if I can cure myself through my gut? And what if I can live a normal pain free life?

Personal Grooming Guide

Personal grooming is such a huge part of being a professional, a fashion blogger or personal stylist. You only get one chance to set an impression and it happens within the first 30 seconds of someone meeting you