Sarah has over 25 years worth of professional beauty experience and is a fully qualified and insured makeup artist and educator. She teaches to the highest standard and is regarded as one of the best celebrity beauty experts in the UK.

 Hampshire and Winchester Makeup Artist Sarah Bacchus

Skype Makeup & Styling Lessons from £50

Skype makeup and styling lessons are about how to create the perfect makeup for anything you need. Basic daytime looks right through to an important event. You will sit and chat about products, do your makeup together with sarah and choose something from your wardrobe to compliment the entire look. 

This means you can be anywhere in the world and Sarah can help you look amazing. No more wasted time, countless emails and messages. It's all done in the privacy of your home via a face call and the only thing you need to do is book a slot of time and work together. 

30 mins £50
60 mins £75


Makeup Masterclass from £295

Sarah provides you with the professional tools to help you build an incredible business or just enable you to acquire the skills to look perfectly groomed for any and every occasion.

Professional grooming skills that will make you stand out from the crowd, feel confident and empowered for the rest of your life.

All the classes cover various modules to becoming an more confident in skincare, makeup and grooming. A one day or half day intensive workshop will help you develop the skills that will ensure you look your best everyday. It will cover personal skincare, day-night and special occasion makeup. Not only for yourself but how to apply these principles on others.

You will learn what the best makeup to buy for yourself and what ranges are best when working with clients. You will learn the professional way to apply skincare and makeup in correct order. Essential tips on making makeup stay on longer. 

During the masterclass you will learn essential hygiene and cleansing of the skin prior to applying makeup. Learn what the best tools and brushes are used for. How to mix the your foundation for the best coverage, learn the importance of getting your brows in the best face framing shape and creating the perfect arch and definition.This will totally open the face, correct and form balance and symmetry to the face.

You will learn essential skills in blending and contouring. When even simple eye shadow is applied it needs careful application for various face shapes. Whether it's for natural daytime look, bridal makeup or a blend of brights and bolds for a more dramatic and contrasting editorial photoshoot, the technique is key to a flawless finish.

You will learn shade placement as this is very important and as any good makeup artist knows this will differ drastically for each individual. Eyeshadow definition, lip camouflaging, lip arch enhancement and clever contouring can really define and shape the face and create different styles and looks for each person.

You will have a demonstration of a beautiful day look on a model or yourself. The correct way to contour and highlight. Perfect concealing of dark circles and hyper pigmentation, tattoos, acne scars and spots. You will get to practise how to create the day look on a model or yourself with my support all the way through.

You will then get to see how to create smokey eyes and applying false eyelashes. Sometimes this is best created by using simple techniques and applying the perfect mascara and other times we all need a little help by adding false lashes. You will practise how to create the smokey eye look on yourself or a model with the brushes provided. You will also learn what the best brushes are to achieve the smokey eye look and how to create the perfect winged eyeliner on yourself and a client.

You also will learn the essential professional photographic makeup tips and tricks of the trade to help you provide the best makeup for yourself or a client when on camera.



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