Winchester based award nominated World Elite Master nail technician and qualified educator Sarah Bacchus is a perfectionist and one of the most qualified and highly trained nail specialists in the UK with over 24 years experience. She has worked with celebrities and some of the biggest brands in the beauty and nail industry and has trained 100s of nail technicians and therapists in the UK and Europe. 

Manicures & Pedicures


VINYLUX™ Offers up to a weeks long wear of perfect glossy polish. Less than 10 minutes dry-time that will have you back at your desk as fast as you could think. The service includes shaping, cleaning, cuticle grooming with nail care and health advice. Allow 20 mins. Polish reinvented for week long wear. Removable at home and available in all the fashion forward colours

BASIC £25 Nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned, shape and polish
SPA £45 Nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned, exfoliation, hydration & massage shape and polish
ULTIMATE £70 This 75 min relaxing Ultimate Pedicure includes gel nails or toes of any colour or french, a luxury hand massage or foot soak in continuously heated and vibrating foot spa, exfoliation, dry skin removed, refreshing mud mask, cucumber heal Therapy, cooling leg gel, heated booties and a therapeutic aromatherapy deep tissue foot and leg massage. 

CND Shellac™

Sarah offers a CND Shellac™ service for anyone wanting a little more than regular polish. Shellac™ is a hybrid nail polish system that lasts up to 14 days. Its not to be confused with gel nails as Shellac™ is applied to an un-buffed natural nail. Shellac™ is a high shine durable polish that dries instantly under an LED lamp and can easily be removed at home in minutes with a take away kit. 


Gel Nails

Sarah offers the best long lasting gel nails in the UK. Sarah offers a Gel Bottle Inc™ service for anyone wanting superior strength gel nails. Sarah's gel nails can last up to 4 weeks. Gel Bottle Inc™ is strong, flexible, unbelievably shiny and dries instantly under an LED lamp. Sarah is known for her incredible finish when it comes to her nail services. You simply won't find another nail technician with as much skill and expertise as sarah. Her celebrity client list is vast and she's is one of the most qualified and respected photo session technicians in the world.

FULL SET OF GEL NAILS £35 Nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned and gel polish applied
*Removal and reapplication free to regular clients  

Nails Extensions

If you are looking for a realistic set of sculptured nail extensions that are done properly you really need to understand the importance of finding an expert. And if you want the perfect set of nail extensions that feel and look just like real nails you have found the right place. Sarah only ever sculpts a nail extension and never uses plastic tips. The results speak for themselves and her clients are always amazed at how real they feel, their beautiful shape and durability. But more importantly the heath of the natural nail underneath when returning time and time again. Sarah only uses the most innovative products from CND Brisa Lite™ to Gel Bottle Inc™. 

FULL SET OF SCULPTURED NAILS £65 Nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned, nails lengthened shaped and gel polish applied.
REBALANCE £35 Gels buffed, nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned, rebalanced, shaped and colour applied
INFILL £30 Gels buffed, nails cleansed, proximal nail fold cared for, cuticles cleaned, infilled, shaped and colour applied
*Removal and reapplication free to regular clients

 HD brows Winchester

HD Brows

HD Brows frame the face in such an incredible way it can take years off within just 25 mins. Whether your brows took a beating with overzealous plucking in your teenage years, or have never quite regained the former, fluffy glory of your youth, Sarah can help.

Your face shape and bone structure will be analysed to ensure you get the perfect face framing eyebrows. The brows will be tinted, then waxed, tweezed, threaded if needed and then have mineral makeup and brow pencil applied. Tinting the brows is especially handy for anyone with fair or sparse eyebrows. This allows Sarah to properly assess the state of your brows. She then will create a totally bespoke, seamless shape for your brows that will enhance your natural features. No two people have the same needs, so each clients face shape is carefully assessed when creating their perfect brows.


*A patch test is required 48 hours before tinting

 LVL lashes Winchester

LVL Lash Lift

LVL Lash Lift is the revolutionary low maintenance natural lash treatment that creates length, volume and fullness for your real eyelashes. The LVL effect is about freedom and not needing to worry about having false lashes but getting the same effect with your own natural lashes. 

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. This takes about 45 minutes and It’s a closed-eye procedure so it's the perfect time for a nap and a nice hand massage finished off with hot aromatherapy steamed towels. You’re then set for up to 6-10 weeks with stunning full lashes. 


*A patch test is required 48 hours before tinting

 Hampshire and Winchester Makeup Artist Sarah Bacchus

Skype Makeup & Styling Lessons from £50

Skype makeup and styling lessons are about how to create the perfect makeup for anything you need. Basic daytime looks right through to an important event. You will sit and chat about products, do your makeup together with sarah and choose something from your wardrobe to compliment the entire look. 

This means you can be anywhere in the world and Sarah can help you look amazing. No more wasted time, countless emails and messages. It's all done in the privacy of your home via a face call and the only thing you need to do is book a slot of time and work together. 

30 MINS £50
60 MINS £75


Makeup Colour Analysis £100

Makeup and style do together with beautiful symmetry and having a bespoke masterclass means you won’t ever need to hire anyone season after season to help you with your overall look. 

Having your makeup colour analysis done is an essential part of looking your best. Based on your skin, eyes and hair. A successful colour analysis can even-out your skin tone, smooth the complexion, make your eyes sparkle and give you a more youthful and radiant glow!

Learning about your essential colour palette and how to apply your own makeup to perfection will give you confidence and compliments! It enables you to stand out from the crown in a stunning but subtle way and allows you to communicate positively with impact before a word is spoken. Once you have learnt your key makeup colours this will apply to the rest of your everyday style. It will help you make the right decisions when clothes shopping or pulling items from your wardrobe. Sarah looks at everything with a photographic eye so every detail within your overall look is balanced.

This one 2 one makeup colour analysis session has been created out of the love to help others feel beautiful by enhancing their natural beauty. Sarah will teach you all the skills you need to recreate the final look she applies with ease.  

Allow around 90 mins


Please contact Sarah for more information