London Fashion Week 2018 - Basic & Eccentric

A whirlwind of fashion related things are happening at the moment and as promised I've brought back the lifestyle side to my blog. Not on a daily basis but as and when I feel something fun has happened I will take as many pictures as I can to tell you a story. So with that said today's blog post is all about dressing up, feeling fabulous and sharing some basic and eccentric items. Its London Fashion Week and seeing as I've covered LFW for 6 years I thought it was fitting to once again share some of the fun!

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My Style Lately

My style lately has consisted of even more maxi dresses and now this bomber jacket. I adore maxis as they feel easy but elegant to wear on a daily basis even if I'm doing a photoshoot

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Sarah Bacchus
Going Into The New Year & Hitting Restart

Welcome to 2018 everyone. Going into the new year and hitting restart is such a great thing to do. Even if the first few days feel like they are not going so well. A old friend of mine said to me a few days ago that we can all hit the restart button whenever we feel like it! Having great contacts, even ones that you've not spoken to for years that are always by your side when you need them is wonderful.

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