Starting A Blog

Starting a blog to make money from blogging really isn’t why you should start in the first place. But I can help you learn how to do it the right way. My blog has taken years to build a solid and working platform that I am so proud of. But I get asked this one question all the time… Sarah “Making money From Blogging – can it be done” This is a huge question I get asked nearly every day.

People say to me … “Oh so if I start a blog… I can earn money too then?” Well no it doesn’t work like that not really. Here is my honest as possible blogging experience!

If you have a well established, well written blog that has fantastic content with amazing pictures that your particular readers want to read and companies find you, like what they see and decide to ask you to place links in the text or an advert… then you can make some money from blogging. Not millions but a good income. But it takes time and tons of work and effort.

You have to be 150% committed to it and possibly annoy your friends and family. I swear I have lost friends because of it. Some people don’t like their picture being taken or have huge problems with the fact that you have to take sooo many! I take 100’s I mean 100’s (LOVE IT TOO!!) I’m going to be very honest while writing this and tell you I do earn a small amount from being an Ambassador for MyLash, but that’s only due to the fact the stuff actually works and I did a 12 week trial, wrote a very detailed article for them (for free), loved the stuff, got hooked and recommended it to all of my friends and you guys… I had to as its incredible!

I’m very proud of it! It took hours to get the right pictures with the best lighting and I was astonished and blown away by the results too. I still use this product myself every other day and have the best lashes!! In return I’m now one of the faces of the brand and the brand Ambassador. I receive a small commission when someone purchases online. To this day I am blown away by this and I am so thankful.

Their reply was “Well you have earnt it as you did the most incredible article for us, most blogs are just copied and pasted info“… So hard work pays off guys!

I have worked very hard on all aspects of this blog for well over a year and write every day, it’s my passion and I have to – its my addiction! If I haven’t written for a few days I go crazy!!

Taking pictures is another love and obsession. I have studied fashion design technology, pattern cutting and fashion photography when I was just 18. I have been one of the top beauty educators in England for over 17 years from the age of 24 along with being a personal stylist and been a celebrity nail artist for top magazines like Harpers, Vanity Fair, Elle and many more. So really you all are reading a lifetime full of expertise here! Loads of gossip too not that I can divulge too much! Or could I………?!?…. Back to that later in another post maybe (Janice Dickinson was hilarious!!).

You have to be an expert for your readers so write about what you know or are passionate about or you will just be making it up. You need to be real.
Now by no means do I earn what I used to when I was running a salon or doing photo shoots, let’s clear that one up! I’m not spending out on salon products though. I don’t spend a lot on beauty and fashion as I now receive products from brands to wear on the blog. I am aways truly very thankful, but I don’t get as much as you would think. I always send back what I have worn and most of the items are PR samples and I have them for a couple of weeks. I choose what I want from most of the brands and style them with the real woman in mind… YOU!

The main thing I do is I am real, a real life model that is in her 40s and empowering others (I hope). What I am getting to here is you have to be you. Don’t copy cat another’s blog, or try to be someone else or you will fail. Do it with love or not at all.

A blog that starts out as a hobby is probably going to succeed. One that is started in the belief you will make money won’t.

Their are so many blogs now and nearly everyone has one, so we all can’t make thousands a month and get sent free stuff all the time. That’s just crazy. But, there is a but… tomorrow I will be giving you all the information to help you possibly become a Top Lifestyle Blogger.

I am fortunate I have been in the beauty and fashion industry on the inside and also being an educator for loads of top beauty brands. I’m a qualified teacher and hold a PTTLS certificate (basically that means I can teach anything I’m qualified in). So my beauty background is huge and now I get sent brand information up to 6 months in advance.

I’m not lucky, it’s hard work paying off and I really didn’t visualise starting a blog to make money. It was a hobby that has grown and grown. I don’t get paid for all of the articles I write.

Again, a blog that starts out as a hobby is probably going to succeed. One that is started in the belief you will make money won’t.

My advice for starting a blog to make money is to not worry about it when you start. Enjoy your blog… write from the heart on what you are passionate about and let it evolve.