Photoshoot and interview with Zoe Richards 

I met up with one of the latest and most wonderful talents to hit Tv screens a few weeks ago and had planned on a quick chat with this exceptional actress. But we threw that notion right out of the window as soon as we met. Here is my Photoshoot and interview with Zoe Richards for all my lovely readers. If your not sure who Zoe is then all I have to say is watch Mr Selfridge this season and you will be instantly transfixed! We sat and chatted for what felt like hours! It was like meeting up with a long lost friend!

Photoshoot and interview with  Zoe Richards  

You will know Zoe from Get Him To The Greek, How to Become a Criminal Mastermind and Finite Lucidity.

Zoe chatted to me about working with Russle Brand and said he’s nothing like his TV persona but a really nice chap. We discreetly chatted about the latest project in depth. Now all I will say is that I have been sworn to secrecy for the last few months! It’s been tough not to share this delightful interview with you all sooner!

Photoshoot and interview with  Zoe Richards  

The secret I was holding close to my heart was the fact that Zoe is in actual fact one of the Dolly Sisters in the latest series of Mr Selfridge. And that apparently working on the set was like working with her own family. Also that they are now regarded as some of her closest friends.
We discovered we share the love of vintage clothing, unique one off items that no one else owns and unusual casual cool. You could also say Zoe is now my casual style icon. She reminds me of Miranda from Picnic at Hanging rock. If you don’t know what I’m referring to here is a link to the film. She’s graceful, a natural beauty and delightfully friendly.
Zoe isn’t really into high street fashion, she’s more of a girl that will see a cute pair of jeans and team them up with a vintage jacket or a mans shirt that she’s customised in her unique and down right awesome way. Her mother inspires her look everyday. Zoe has a vast collection of her mothers vintage jackets, belts and 70s skirts. Apparently she wears them to death much to her mothers dismay!

Zoe oozes a confident style thats so refreshing. She turned up in a pair of her mothers vintage boots, a mans denim shirt (altered naturally) a pair of jeans picked up from Camden market and not a scrap of makeup.

Her style: Customised and layered looks are by far her comfort zone. When your this beautiful you really don’t need anything else. She is, without sounding cheesy beautiful on the inside too! No seriously, she was a dream to work with and one of the nicest people I have interviewed, photographed, met or become friends with. As thats how she makes you feel right from the moment you meet her.
We went on to share stories of our mothers adapting most of their 70s wardrobe to make it their own.

I asked Zoe who inspires her, the answer was clear as day! Her mother has played a big part of her life and like my mother hers was also a model in the 60s. Zoe’s kept most of her mothers old vintage clothes, just like myself. It was like meeting an old friend after many years apart and chatting away.
I asked Zoe about beauty tips that’s she’s learnt from your career that you can share with all of you readers. Don’t wear makeup all the time let your skin breath. To be honest this tip shines through in her images!

Then we chatted about her usual day filming Mr Selfridge. Zoe wears a wig playing a Dolly Sister so that’s a great way of getting into character! When the hair and makeup is done and it’s time to slip into the most wonderful costumes, Zoe said it’s easy to get into character. The costumers are apparently so beautiful and made perfectly for each cast member. Zoe said once I’m all ready it’s easy to feel like a Dolly Sister!

I asked Zoe about her perfect role and who would be her leading man! The reply was instant! An old drama student friend. Id love to go back and recreate one of the scenes we did together but turn it into a play she said.
we chatted away for a good hour before her agent had to remind us we needed to snap some pictures. The images you see where shot in less than 20 mins! She’s as easy to snap as she is to chat to!
I hope you liked this quick informal insight to a rising stars world! We are hoping to shoot some more images very soon, so if you have any questions for Zoe don’t hesitate in asking in the comment section!