10 Tips For Getting Great Pictures

Today I want to share 10 Tips For Getting Great Pictures. For my work I take very aspect into account. The location, the outfit, the mood and the angles for my clients. And I'm about to share and help you all get better images.

Photography is a very personal thing and everyone has a certain style and no two photographers will get the same picture. I have been a keen photographer for over 20 years now, many of those years I didn't believe in myself and didn't even share my work or practice as much as I should have. But in more recent years I have sunk my heart and soul into perfecting my craft, my style and my total vision for capturing beauty. It goes deeper than just snapping an image for me. Every single shoot tells a story and depicts emotions. So here goes.....this is whats going on in my head whenever I'm booked for photoshoot for a client.

1. The location is vital and location scouting is all part of the job but sometimes untoward things happen like sudden scaffolding appearing over night so you really have to think on your toes. This goes for the weather as we know living in England we can’t guarantee a good day! So impromptu shoots are sometimes the best. All the planning in the world won’t bring out that little hidden gem. You really must have an open eye when it comes to finding the best spot to shoot. I’m constantly location scouting everyday. No rest for me, it’s in my blood! I advise you to do the same! Even if your an Photographic beginner or a blogger you have to think about locations.

Tips For Getting A Great Shot, Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus

2. The dimensions and the feel of the shoot is next. Are you shooting with a certain lens or at a certain time of day. The best time to photoshoot people is golden hour and not mid day if the light is too harsh. But a wide aperture can bring problems, such as a blown out or over exposed image. It’s all to do with your theme and the visualisation of the shoot. 

3. The fashion also depicts where I Photoshoot as I take great care to make the outfit really pop! This is something that I’ve been doing for over 10 years and it comes really naturally to me now. But you really do need to think about what’s in the background when working with Fashion, colour and textures. Here the soft dress needed something drastic and regal so I chose to shoot this at the entrance to The Great Hall. One of the most beautiful locations in Winchester.

This dress in these images came from a local charity shop for just £8. If you want more inspirational reads about my photoshoot finds read my previous blog post about vintage shopping

Tips For Getting A Great Shot, Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus

4. Think outside the box. If I have a vision and I can't find what I'm looking for I either make it myself or find ways to create what I'm hunting for. Here I wanted a really stunning vintage looking necklace. I couldn't find one for love or money, so I nipped into Primark and bought 3 inexpensive pearl necklaces and layered them to create my vision. Being a creative director means more than just snapping the picture. 

Tips For Getting A Great Shot, Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus

5. The background is as important as the subject even if it’s blurred out using a very wide aperture. Bins, cars, poles, trees and objects coming out of the top of heads or mess in the background isn’t appealing to the eye! So watch your backgrounds.

6. The angles of your Model will suddenly look more professional when you add in space and triangles between the models arms, legs and accessories. I’m always looking for triangles! Next time you pick up a magazine see how many angles you can spot in one image! You will be astonished! 

Tips For Getting A Great Shot, Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus

7. Work with colour and don’t be afraid to add that quirky item. Black isn’t a great choice and essentially isn’t a colour! Black gets absorbed and won’t make the image pop. Yes it’s sliming but it also doesn’t provide any definition. Faded black denim, textures and accessories yes...but not a total black outfit. I have a video from one of my (old, and I need to update yes!!) YouTube channels that I always send it out to my models before a shoot to help them a little. If you need help with the styling before a photoshoot we have a few options now as I work along side Isobel Kershaw over at The Stylist London so if you need professional styling help before a photoshoot drop me an email. It's always good to have a team of people on hand to help on a photoshoot, so reach out to others that can bring the images to life in more ways then one. 


8. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. As outfits, nails, hair or the makeup can look different viewed through a lens. I’m always prepared on the day of the shoot to change my mind at the last minute when I feel something isn’t right. Go with the vibe of the day. I've spent my entire life perfecting all these skills, so bringing them into force for my photoshoots really helps my clients know they are getting the best. Make sure you pay attention to all the little details and it will make your images really come to life. 

Tips For Getting A Great Shot, Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus

9. That beings me on to my next tip....Music! I always ask my client what playlist they love. And until recently I always carried a wireless speaker. But now I have wireless ear pieces that myself and my models can share the music stream. This helps me have a really lovely connection with my Mode on a one 2 one level. It gets them relaxed and in character! It’s the best way for the two of us get fired up! See if you can spot the earphone in this image. I've purposely left it in the image and not Photoshopped it out for you to see!

10. Lastly you need to step out of your comfort zone when your adding the finishing touches to an outfit. Think of elaborate runway shows and that will help you understand how I visualise a fashion Photoshoot when working with client, an actor or model. Impact is vital. They need to stand out from the crowd and make an impression. So don’t ever worry it’s too over the top. Snap the picture and you can always take away an element but it’s hard to add it if you’re on location without top up garments. 

If you are interested in booking me for a photoshoot then please don't hesitate in contacting me soon!