6 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit On Camera

If the goal is to look slim or lean then black is a great colour, but its not ideal for images. I have 6 tips for wearing an all black outfit on camera. The wardrobe choices you make on days you might be snapped should be well thought through. When I started my blog many years ago I realised I had an obsession with black and rarely added a dash of colour. Every now and again I'd thrown on a pair of red heels, but not that often.

5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips, 
5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips,

Even when I owned my fashion boutique on the Isle Of Wight and styled my customers in a wonderful array of delicious colourful outfits I would essentially wear black. It was easy and it was the colour of choice to wear backstage when I was working on runway shows and fashion magazines.

But it wasn't until I felt I needed to give myself my own style overhaul when I first started my fashion blog over 6 years ago that I started to avoid black, knowing it's not a great colour to photograph. Black can also depict your mood and adding a little colour can really lift your day.

Black is safe, black is an easy option and it looks fairly good on everyone I hear you cry. But....there is always a but isn't there ladies. Black isn't story building and it won't get you noticed. Wear black and you will most certainly melt into the background. If that's what you want then fantastic! But here on my blog I'm sharing more and more of my essential photographic tips.

I keep getting asked, emailed or messaged about what to wear to a photoshoot. So the plan is to incorporate my train of thought around an outfit when I have my picture taken. It's my new way of blogging and I'm rather excited to share the process I go through as it really does help others. The amount of messages or comments I get from my clients telling my that seeing my outfits really inspires them is so special. 

5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips,

If you are planning on having lots of images taken for a job, your own website, your blog or you are thinking of giving modelling or acting a bash you really need a powerful image. The best way to look great is by using even a little colour to your advantage. Here are some tips you can implement today to look great on camera even if you can't part with your all black wardrobe.

5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips,
  1. Add jewel tones around your face. A flash of colour close to your face will either drain the life out of you or highlight your best features. Add a pop of red is like me you have green eyes. It will liven up your face on camera. If you are a sucker for black this is the best way to lift an all black outfit. Trial different shades of scarves to see what you love. If you need help with styling before a photoshoot make sure you drop me an email. I naturally help with styling outfit choices my clients bring to a photoshoot and I have a plethora of outfits and accessories on hand at all times. I'm always adding to my collection if I see something in a boutique or vintage shop that I feel would look amazing in a picture. But I also work with The Stylist London if you are looking for an entire new look before a shoot. Isobel is always on hand to take you shopping in London for the looks you'd need. She's my go to girl when I have a big starter portfolio shoot for a model. We usually shoot 6 looks in one day and she's exceptional at creating the looks before the shoot. Planning and team work means that on the day it runs so smoothly. Music to everyones ears! 

  2. Avoid pastels unless its summer, you have a tan or they are layered with brighter solids to avoid looking washed out. Pastels can get totally lost in images if not styled to perfection. 

  3. Black tends to age skin by creating shadows. Black can look good on film, but in everyday photography or portfolios it usually requires good lighting and very good makeup to add that much needed life back to your complexion. If you want to wear black always add a flash of colour with your makeup. I like to keep it fresh, dewy and rosy to help your skin look as healthy as possible. Makeup is one of the key factors I pay attention to on set.

  4. Avoid shiny black fabrics as they are evil especially under bright lights or flash photography. They might be a good idea when you see them on the hanger but in certain images they can reveal each and every lump and bump, not the flattering pictures you desire. Thicker fabrics like rich cottons, slightly matt in texture or garments that have structure will dampen shadows and can create a smoother body profile line.

  5. Add a contrasting colour accessory. This will break up the single block of colour and add interest to the outfit. It will also create good angles when needed. Something to hold and a useful prop. 

  6. If you do wear an all black outfit and have listened to my tips then the last one is vital. Try to wear the same shade of black if your going for an all one tone outfit. Blacks come in all manner of different shades and can look really messy if they don't match. Hold the garments together, and hold them up to a good light source to see if their shades changes in different light. 

5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips,
5 Tips For Wearing An All Black Outfit, photoshoot styling, Photography tips, Fashion tips,

Before you ask this is a stunning jacket I picked up in the vintage store in Dublin. Jean Cronin's boutique is a treasure trove of goodies. I highly recommend visiting if like me you love something a little different. As soon as I saw this original 1970 number I knew it would look so good in a picture, either on me or one of my many models I work with.

I'm wearing with the fantastic jacket Cos leggings, Accessories bag, Topshop sock boots, street market hat, Cabbage White England double farthing necklace and Cos thin roll neck. Even if I do look like a cat burgler I love this outfit!