8 Reasons Why You Need To Book An Engagement Photoshoot

What really happens behind the scenes on an engagement photoshoot or more to the point what to expect from me and what I'd love to help you active. I have 8 reasons why you need to book an Engagement Photoshoot. It's not just because it's becoming trendy, a cool thing to do or is something you see in films, it will actually help you overcome some of your wedding day nerves. It will also help you really enjoy your wedding day....and here is why.

Here are some of the reasons why you might like to think about booking an engagement photoshoot. If you answer yes to at least 2 of these questions you need my help!

  1. Worried you will dislike their wedding images
  2. Worried about having your pictures taken for your wedding day
  3. Feel self conscious or have anxiety
  4. Hate having your picture taken
  5. You dont know how to pose in a picture
  6. Your unsure what to do with your hands
  7. Scared you wont enjoy your wedding day as it could feel staged and unnatural
  8. Want to get really creative with a photoshoot
Behind The Scenes On An Engagement Photoshoot
Behind The Scenes On An Engagement Photoshoot

If you are at all Worried about your wedding images it's vital to have a trial run. I'm renowned for taking pictures of people, and have been told by all my clients that I take the images they feel they'd ultimately love to have done all the time. They say to me "Sarah I need a miniature version of you tucked away in my pocket at all times ready for action. If the moment arises I need a picture I'd want you there to take it. You take pictures of me how I feel I should look!" Now I can't be on hand all the time and I can't do every shoot, wedding or project that comes up as I'm incredibly busy. I do what I can to accommodate my wonderful clients. Booking in advance is key. But if I'm unavailable my advice is to book an engagement shoot with a photographer that understands women, watches how you interact and helps you feel special. It also means you can iron out any areas of concern before your big day. 

If your worried about having your pictures taken for your wedding day you to relax about the entire thing as it will come across in your pictures. Again a trial run is essential to get you used to all that snapping!

8 Reasons Why You Need To Book An Engagement Photoshoot

One of the biggest fears is feeling self conscious or you have anxiety about looking down a lens. Just think of it as a mirror and all its doing is capturing special moments to treasure forever. I always take a few pictures and show them to my future bride, then suggest ways to relax in front of the camera. Then when she see's how I view her, capture her beauty and how I can subtly help with minor tweaks in the pose it helps both the future bride and groom to feel at ease. This is something I do for all my photoshoots and nit just engagement photoshoots.

Always ask your photographer if you can see a few snaps while they shoot so you can feel more comfortable with their vision of you. If you don't like the pose tell them! It's easier to say how you feel rather than feeling awkward! As a photographer that gets booked time and time again for portfolios it's so important to me that my client see's what I see. I'd never shoot a set of images and not show my client a couple along the way.

If you really hate having your picture taken it's more important to have a trial run. Your day will fly by and if you can't embrace capturing it you will be so upset in your future years. An engagement shoot will take the pressure off how you feel about seeing images of yourself. 

If you don't know how to pose in a your official wedding images you need to have a little practice in the mirror. Or hire someone like myself that can spot a cute or beautiful angle as it happens. I have been beautifying, grooming and helping others to look stunning for many years and adding a camera into the mix is only a little step further. I have the eye to capture, create or direct when needed in a very unique way. Being a makeup artist, personal stylist and also model myself enables me to use all my skills behind the camera. To merge and combine every aspect for every frame is something that comes very naturally to me. So it's important to do your research well before booking a photographer. Again if our unsure what to do with your hands, your body or how to look on camera thats my job. 

If you are scared you won't enjoy your wedding day as it could feel staged and unnatural you need not worry. Having an engagement photoshoot will take away any worries about feeling unnatural. Once you have worked with your photographer before your day this can help with conveying your needed style to them.

You might want to get really creative with a photoshoot. An engagement photoshoot is such a great way to have some fun for just the 2 of you. A vintage car, old bicycle, afternoon tea or a ramble in the woods in your wellies. It's the opportunity for the two of you to really have some fun! If you want to have a really fun afternoon with your best friend, soon to be husband or wife this is the perfect way to do it and keep the images forever!

I hope that's helped anyone thinking about booking in for a photoshoot. If you are interested in having me capture you and you other half please contact me.