How to Create A Professional Looking Blog

When your a fashion or style blogger or wanting to get into blogging the main thing you need to do is learn how pose in blogs, how to create a professional looking blog and learn a few camera tips. Also you need someone else able to use your camera and not worry about being told how you want the images to look! This can cause arguments but as long as you work as a team it will work out! And yes I'm referring to myself and my husband! I have a different style to him so when I ask for images the way I'd shoot them or need them it can create silly arguments!! You can invest in a remote and a tripod but I find being bossy works the best for me!!! Carry on reading as my tips will help you get started.

How to Create A Professional Looking Blog

Get yourself a reasonable camera. It doesn't have to be a full frame one like the ones we use but a half decent camera with a couple of lenses will set you on the right track. We use Sony a7ii with either a 55mm or 24-70 lens and totally love it. Before we discovered Sony we used pro 5d mark iii canons. The reason we swapped was due to the sharpness and overall quality of the images. It's very important for me to have the best images. That will become more important to you as you start your blogging journey.  

How to Create A Professional Looking Blog

Get to grips with your manual or AV (aperture priority) settings. Taking pictures at a very low aperture like f1.2 will create the effect of the background being hazy, blurry and ascetically pleasing. It will take some practice and be a little frustrating but it will be so worth it in the end. 

You can snap away and use the auto button so the camera does all the work but trust me when I say it won't get you the type of images that look the best. So the biggest tip I can give you is practice. Like all things practice makes perfection. 

Now you have the camera and someone else to take your images it's time to talk about angles! This is one of the biggest things to master. If you flick through magazines you will see lots of angles and triangles in fashion images. Go and grab a magazine now and take a look.......

It's surprising isn't it! So many little gaps, triangles and exaggerated shapes. Reproducing these poses will feel totally unnatural and awkward but they will produce the most incredible magazine like quality to all your fashion blogs. 

How to Create A Professional Looking Blog

Walking images look their best when your not actually walking! A fake walking pose is one I've learned to perfect over the years by walking forward elongating my leg and stopping just at the point when my toe would hit the floor.....then reverse the walk as though I was being played backwards!! I do get that most weird looks but the images come out looking very natural. It also means that the focal point for the snapper isn't being thrown off too much. 

Practice posing in a mirror to see what angles you like best. Slightly lower shots make you look a little taller and more angled shots will create the illusion of leaner limbs. It's all about angles and good light.

Choose to shoot your images either in the morning or the afternoon as midday light especially sunshine will create nasty ugly shadows. The best days are slightly overcast when the sky has a natural filter of fluffy clouds. Most brides I work with hope for a bright sunny day but in reality it's best if there is a little cloud! 

The outfits in your blogs need to reflect who you really are. All too often I've seen blogs that don't really say who someone is. I get sent lots of lovely things for my blog but I won't wear, use or write about anything unless I personally love it. My authenticity is vital to me and my own brand. 

Write and snap about what you love. Your everyday life might feel boring to you but others love to have a sneak peak into someone else's life. The biggest tip is to have fun with it. Don't worry too much about getting things spot on when you start. A blog should be fun, reflect your personality or brand. But push yourself to create the best for your readers! 

I hope you have liked today's blog post! Do let me know and if you are needing images for your website, blog or business don't hesitate in contacting me for more info. Take a look at my work in the photography section.