Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

Seeing as I live breath and eat photography and I'm seriously passionate about helping others achieve better things in life it's only fitting I write a little lazy girls guide to photography. I was at lunch with a friend the other day chatting about blogging and how important images are but more to the point good quality, well thought out and stylish images. So here are my top tips to getting a good shot.  

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

1. Use Natural Light

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

If your images don't look as good as they could one of the main culprits might be the lack of natural light. Ive have worked on so many projects for brands, businesses and individuals that I know when to shoot pictures to get the best out of any subject. With models and things such as food related images natural light is the best, especially for food. Over and over again I see people snapping away in restaurants taking pictures of their food on their iPhones and they use the flash. Turn it off as food looks terrible when using a flash, it makes it look waxy and very unappealing! 

I will go through hell and high water to make sure my photos are shot with natural light on any occasion I can. Obviously this isn't always doable as I have to shoot in low light on occasion but I have good equipment. It’s easier for me as I'm a professional and have lots of gadgets at hand. But for an everyday person it's safe to say using natural light is key. 

2. Plan ahead!

I have to plan my images in advance. Even if it's a quick model shoot or a brand photography I try to plan the majority of my Photoshoots around daylight hours. Sometimes this means getting up and out in the small hours or waiting till the end of the day for that beautiful golden hour. But it's all planned non the less. 

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

3. Manual settings

Your images should mean the world to you if your serious about what you do. Images for a blog these days need to stand out and not just be snapped on an iPhone. Get a good camera and learn how to use it properly! Get stuck in with manual settings. It might sound scary but in this digital age you can delete the not so desirable images. Manual settings really consist of 3 things. ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It's a little formula that is tricky but once you have mastered it then the world is your oyster. 

4. Add Colour

I try adding a little bit of colour to your photos. Products, models and clients always look a little better with a pop bright lipstick and perfect photographic makeup. I always advice on this or even do my clients makeup before a shoot, so if your worried about that before you see me for a session then don't, I have it covered.

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

Food photography looks amazing with little sprinkles a colour. Add a dash of herbs or dust the plate with cayenne pepper or paprika. Make the brain love the food by adding in slices of the ingredients that have been used. Just sit a wedge of lemon, a sliced mushroom or a few elements that are relevant to the recipe. For example a bowl of soup might be prettier with 777 on the side of the plate. 

5. Use Props

This should really be titled adding interest to your images because using props have a similar result. Props make your photo prettier, more visually appealing and sometimes props highlight an ingredient in food photography. I'm forever hunting down props in local vintage shops. Finding a one off item or even and old piece of chandelier to add lighting effects to my images really excites me. Thats possibly another blog post as that's a little more advanced and its more of a technical prop than a format. 

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

4. White & Bright

I don’t always adhere to this rule but for the majority of time white backgrounds work the best. Unless your talking about food photography. I think food looks so good sitting in colourful bowls, plates or dishes but then they need to be on a white table. So white really does come into play for the most part in my images. Using white almost always looks best. Just not white jeans on someone that's on a diet! It's never a good idea to enhance someone's area of concern. 

5. Camera Angles

When taking photo of a person make sure you ask them what their best side is. Everyone has their best side. I was only photographing a lady the other day and she was really conscious of a pimple. Aside from the fact I'm a makeup artist and can photoshop like a wizard I always make a point of doing my best to help my client relax. Angles are so important and for women its more beneficial to then shot from a good angle. So take your time and play around with angles. 

Lazy Girls Guide To Photography

8. Be Ready 

The most important tip I can give you is to be ready. The image of Ashley Isham and his sister was shot in a split second at London Fashion Week. I saw them have a mid makeup session cuddle and I span round so fast! So my main tip for this is to turn on your camera and put the lens cover in your pocket. Just be ready at a moments notice!

I observe how people interact and really visualise images but on occasion its beautiful to grab an image that happens in private moment. Sometime I will say look down the lens, sometimes not. When it's appropriate I always naturally direct my clients. It helps them know I have their best interest at heart. So be ready to sound like a photographer if you want to get those incredible shots. 

I loved writing this post because it came straight from my heart after receiving emails from past clients and models I have worked with. I feel like I really have empowered many women in the last few years and that's the best job in the world. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! 

Sarah Bacchus