2/52 Reflecting

Reflecting over past events I came to a sudden realisation that we are all evolving and changing as people every moment of every day. Each and every thought process and interaction with ourselves and others creates the path we take. At any single moment you can have an altered perspective on life. No matter who you are, what you do or what you’re going through life. Life is changing constantly. Every second for that matter.

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Even if we feel we are on the very path to happiness, have goals and feel we know where we will end up, it’s never how we’d have imagined at the start. How many of us say the phrase “if someone had told me that would have happened 3 months ago I’d never have believed it” this makes me even more determined to live everyday like it could be my last. Or more to the point....not to sweat the small stuff. 

Recent diversions in life meant I had to take a few days off. Time to think, time to reflect and time to forgive others for not behaving how I’d had hoped they’d have done so. I have no control over others and it’s a good life lesson. 

And out of all of this I have realised we need to forgive and more importantly forget. Moving on and taking life by the horns so to speak. We can control our reactions but we can’t control the actions or reactions of others no matter how hard we try. No one can make you happy unless your happy within yourself either.

Reflecting on the past is a wasted emotion. Reflecting on current events, plans or issues can bring some clarity but at the end of the day we just don’t know how life’s path will evolve. 

Reflecting on my life, career and personal path I’m the only one that truly makes me happy. Others around me can help me feel loved, joyful and the person that I am. But no matter what others do or say I have had time to see I’m not in control of others but I am in charge of my own life, reactions and thoughts. 

Winchester photographer, Hampshire photographer, Sarah Bacchus, Photography artist, Artist,

How I choose to react to situations in times of pain, need or unrest will only really help if truly have faith in me. I trust the universe and have always said this but I now know it’s not the universe I trust, it’s myself. I really trust my gut feelings when all too often I push them to one side. 

It’s like I’ve had an amazing awakening over the last few days. I will be a changed person from now, a better person, a more forgiving, more loving and happier person in the process. 

If you take one thing from this it should be to find your inner happiness and make sure it comes from within. 

I’m now off to spend the rest of the day with my doggies, my amazing husband and make sure I smile as much as I can.

These images continue my self portrait series. One image a week for an entire year. This is my 2/52. Taken on a Sony 7a mark ii using a 55mm lens at 1.8. ISO 320. Shutter speed 1/125. In a bath filled with milk! Yes I dove in for my love of art and creativity! 

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