The Right Photographer For You

If you are trying to decide if I’m the right photographer for you or your family, then hopefully these 8 things about me and my business might help you decide! I love my job so much I feel it's more like working with friends not clients. 

1. I value my customers

I believe in good old fashioned customer service. My business is not a conveyor belt, and you’ll be given the attention you deserve. I love working with my clients, models and families, and that is why so many of them come back to me year after year.

The right photographer for you, Winchester based photographer, Sarah Bacchus

2. I’m a mum

Of one lovely 21 year old daughter called Lottie, so I have the experience and patience that comes with taking images of children, babies and new borns! It means I understand children and can get the best out of them. I also know how it feels as a parent when your toddler decides to throw the biggest tantrum they have ever had right in the middle of a photoshoot! I've been there before and it's all part of my job to keep them as entertained as possible.

3. Children really like me

For some reason they love me! I manage to get the best smile and the first smiles on a regular basis. I also adore pregnancy photoshoots. It's a magical and special time for a mother. Capturing baby bump images has to be one of the most incredible jobs in the world. A time when a mother is carrying her unborn child is such a powerful image of love. It's hard to understand and comprehend the joy of seeing such a graceful picture hanging on a wall for years to come. 

The right photographer for you, Winchester based photographer, Sarah Bacchus

4. I'm also a makeup artist

And I always carry a makeover kit in my photography case for each and every client. You might not need any help looking amazing on camera but I like to deliver a service that's of the highest standard. Also if I have tweaked your makeup so it's photographically applied and crafted you will look utterly radiant. I know how to create images that will empower another woman, to help her feel like she can conquer the world. 

5. I make it fun

I know for some people the prospect of an empowerment shoot, a portrait or family photoshoot is a daunting one, so I ensure that my photoshoots are as relaxed and fun as possible. The experience will leave you wanting to do more shoots with me, the children will be talking about it for the rest of the week and even Mum and Dad will admit it was seriously enjoyable! I will get you all running around, smiling, playing games and being silly to get the best family shots too!

6. I make it easy

I know that you want to get on with your day so I work very quickly and ensure that I have captured a great set of images. I usually take around 100 or so images within around 60 minutes. You will then have ALL your images edited and uploaded to an online gallery to view at your leisure. This means you can share with family & friends at ease. All images are sent without annoying watermarks, at low resolution. The final desired edited images you choose for the set of images will be sent in a separate folder in the same way as before. All you need to do is download them to a computer and that's it. If you need any further editing and retouching of more images you'd like to use as wall art it's only a little extra per image, mainly for my time to photoshop or airbrush. And I’m always at the end of the phone or an email away to help when you need me. My pricing is very straightforward so it doesn’t take you hours to work out how much you will be spending! But the beauty of what I do means you have and can keep ALL your images.

The right photographer for you, Winchester based photographer, Sarah Bacchus

7. My style

One of the main reasons to choose me as your photographer is my style. My style has been described as flawless, natural, beautiful and how a women feels she should look. I like to capture beautiful images in stunning settings, really bringing out the best in every client. I also know how to get the best angles and always help to make my clients feel at ease in front of the camera. I love to add individual elements to each and every image that I create and I'm also a personal stylist so I understand the flow of fabrics, what looks incredible on different body shapes and can advise my clients what will look best in a picture. This is all part of my job at no extra cost either. I feel this is what makes me unique. I have over 25 years of styling experience and I put it to play with every photoshoot I undertake. 

8. I’m experienced

I’ve been in business for nearly 8 years but have a lifetime of photography skills as my father was a photographer. I have photographed 100s of individuals and have been told by all of my clients that I'm the best photographer they have ever worked with. I specialise in creating beautiful works of art, not just any old image. It means I have lots of happy customers who come back to me time and time again. I hope I get to meet you very soon! If you need me get your session booked in the diary.