The Flat Lay Company Makeup Bag

The Flat Lay Company make up bag is a real must have for every decreeing makeup lover. It's simple but incredible design of a flat drawstring bag means you can lay out all your makeup, apply and go in a jiffy! Just brilliant.

It also means that you can see absolutely everything in your makeup collection. Well I say everything....but if your like me I have an entire tallboy full to the brim. But it means you can travel with your day to day items all at once.

The Flat Lay Company Makeup Bag

The nifty bag doubles as a cosmetic mat. This means that you can whip it out on the train, in the ladies, or at your dressing table and it will protect either the counter top or your makeup from what lies underneath! 

If your a makeup artist like myself they make an extra large version for us pro artists. The extra large bag is also ideal for those of you traveling as it hold a multitude of cosmetics. Both bags come with side pockets, zip compartment and space for makeup brushes. So utterly cool! 

The Flat Lay Company Makeup Bag, Product photography, 

I'm utterly obsessed with mine since I was kindly sent a couple to trial for my work makeup sessions. So delighted with these that I'm intending on purchasing a 4-5 more of each size so I can organise my professional makeup collection. I've not stopped using the smaller one for my own makeup either as it's proved indispensable. How ever did I cope without it!