3/52 Self Portraits - Practice

Like anything in life we all have to practice. Practice being kind, loving others, treating people how we would expect to be treated, forgive others for their failings and above all practice self love. Today's blog post features one of my year long projects of self discovery. 52 self portraits challenging and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This is entitled 3/52 self portrait's - practice. This is me at my most vulnerable, weak and reflecting on my past. Vulnerable and weak as my ankles are not used to being on pointe for many years and reflective as it makes me realise I won't ever give up on my dreams. No matter how old you are, you have the ability to change your life in an instant. If you feel weak it's only time that can create wonderful things, just Like a ballerina it takes practice and patience. 

3/52 Self Portrait's - Practice, Winchester Photographer, Hampshire portrait and fashion photographer Sarah Bacchus

I gave up ballet when I left convent school and it's something I wished I kept doing. I loved ballet but hated the school and would cry every morning before getting into my family's old Triumph Herald convertible. Only days that I could dance in the damp, dusty and rickety old hall I would tolerate. Knowing for those brief few minutes when was pushed to my limit I actually loved it. I would dance like I was in the opening scenes of a grad production and take myself there mentally and physically. I would push myself till my toes became numb. I wasn't Darcy Bussell but it felt glorious. 

I'd practice going on point in my bedroom during the evening, practicing the positions. I'd never become a professional dancer I knew that but there was something about putting on a ballet pointe that was so thrilling and delightful. In life we give up far too easily when things become tough. We throw in the towel and decide enough is enough. But what would happen if we all decided to take the difficult road and follow our dreams. 

I know this would possibly be the only time I ever placed a ballet pointe on me feet once again for this self portrait but I'm never giving up on my dreams again. I managed to balance for as long as I once could all those years ago. Now it's time to focus on my future and remember how going through tough times create things of beauty just like ballet. Remember ladies practice makes perfect so don't give up on anything you love! I could have easily walked away from photography not believing in myself all those years ago and now It's become my full time job that I adore with all my heart. 

Image taken on a Sony a7ii using a 55mm lens at 1.8, ISO 100 Shutter 1/2500 and a lot of balance with a remote control! 

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