Interview With The Hon Isobel Kershaw

Kick starting a new series here on the blog today we have an interview with the Hon Isobel Kershaw. She's masterful, stylish and wildly funny. I met this beautiful woman over 10 years ago when she came into my boutique on the Isle Of Wight. I'm so glad her dislike for flat ugly sailing shoes meant she decided to do a spot of shopping instead of getting out on the water on her trip to the Island during Cowes Week all those years ago.

While Isobel was in my store we chatted, I handed her all the items I thought she'd love and we laughed about the fact that sea bearers shoes had to be restyled one day to accommodate a woman's need for style and fashion. It was only when she left after purchasing a few items I realised that I was in the presence of a very famous personal stylist. She left me with her card and said she'd love to have me as part of a styling course she was running in London. Obviously I accepted and we have been close friends since that very fateful day she stepped into my little shop. 

 Interview With The Hon Isobel Kershaw

Fast forward to this year and I helped Isobel set up her new and very unique styling company The Stylist London. I created images and set up photoshoots for TSL and it's powerhouse of expert training. Each and every trainer is qualified to the highest standard offering you the best styling and grooming services or education possible. The level of excellence at TSL Academy is unsurpassed. Isobel's drive to help others is captivating and she really is an inspiration to me, let alone clients or students.

I'm also part of the dynamic team at TSL and I head the photography, social media and grooming workshops. My side of things means I get to help wonderful people bring their dreams to life through my photography, beauty, and grooming training. 

It's already become a huge hit and we are becoming incredibly busy helping individuals, brands and businesses fulfil their dreams of looking their best or launching a new styling career under Isobel's wing. Isobel has huge plans for TSL and her skills are remarkable when it comes to helping others look and more importantly feel good.

Isobel is vibrant, funny and a visionary when it comes to helping others look utterly polished and for me empowering women is what life's all about. We fit so well and work so effortlessly together it's a wonder why we didn't do this years ago. It's an honour to be working with Isobel, but more importantly it's seriously fun. Whenever we are together we do our job impeccably and laugh so much we really should do a podcast! We have been told the fashion and beauty advice we offer is valuable, intoxicating but more importantly delivered with a fresh, young and fun grace. 

 Interview With The Hon Isobel Kershaw

I invited Isobel to do an interview and I cant wait to read her answers......Iv'e not even read them as I wanted to write this segment first and enyoy reading it for the first time like you my lovely readers!

Interview With The Hon Isobel Kershaw

  1. When did you realise you loved fashion and wanted to make it your career

I remember my friends mum had a sewing machine and she taught me how to make simple tops and I was hooked from that point. So much so that I spent most of my free time at school in the 6th form, in the sewing room making all kinds of clothes from Vogue patterns. I knew from that point that I would work in fashion. I felt I had found my vocation in life at the point of being introduced to a sewing machine!

  1. Who inspires you on a daily basis

Gosh. Many people do. I think I like to be surrounded by inspiring people and work with them. My partner David also inspires me and gives me the drive and confidence to achieve what I am capable of, as whatever he takes on he becomes an absolute master of.

  1. What’s your biggest achievements

My biggest work achievements are being promoted to director within the companies I have worked for. Also I would say that my biggest achievements personally within work have been to become a successful speaker/presenter having been very shy as a child and young adult. I also feel that whatever challenges I have had to face and there have been many over the years, that I seem to have the tenacity and creativity to bounce back to fight another day!

  1. What’s your most treasured garment

There have been many! I remember having a Krizia jacket which I bought from Harrods and I loved it. Sadly it was thrown many years ago.

  1. Give us one vital style tip you live by every day.

If in doubt – overdress! And walk through the pain as heels look best!

  1. What’s the one trend or garment you feel needs to be banned! And why!

Haha – it is the denim jacket for any woman over 25 and the berkenstocks – I don’t care if they are comfortable – they are ugly!

  1. If you had to give all women one wardrobe tip what would it be?

Invest in a stylist to organise it for you! Less is more and make sure every piece ticks the boxes in terms of bodyshape, lifestyle, fit, colour and desirability. Sorry that’s more than one.

  1. If you could pick one item of clothing from past decades to come back into style in a modern way what would it be and why

The corseted bustle dress – so flamboyant and would bring the waist back into play.

  1. If you could have supper with anyone past or present who would it be and what would you ask them

Cameron Diaz. She seems to be very natural and fun! I would ask her if she is really happy with life as life for a successful actress always looks perfect from the outside! I would also like to have dinner with Khloe Kardashian but perhaps not admit to that!

  1. Whats' the one thing a women needs to learn to do?

Learn to love what you see in the mirror as this will set you up for a more positive outlook on life! Be inspired by the beautiful woman sitting next to you rather than threatened and compliment your friends and women if they look good.

I really hope you loved this interview. I shed a tear at the first answer as that's me totally! 2 peas in a pod. I knew I loved this woman for a reason! Head over to The Stylist London to check out all thats on offer!