Get Ready With Me

When it comes to dressing up and makeup I'm in my element. And I do it for free for my ladies that book in for photoshoots. I love to create memorable looks that are all, in essence a work of art. Every item of clothing, accessory or makeup that I choose comes together to create a story. I view dressing up, makeup and styling as more of a dance with fabric, textures, colours and shapes. The finishing makeup and accessories are like the finishing notes in a song. They all should work together with synergy. Come along and get ready with me today!

A Dance With Fabric

I always start with one key item and work around the rest of the look. It could be a shoe, a hat, a dress, a statement bag, a necklace or even the nails! I love to do this for myself and my clients. Dressing up is part of life, we do it everyday, so why not create a masterpiece once in a while. 

The centrepiece 

This outfit was centred around this H&M Studio Collection dress that I managed to get hold of a while ago. 

The Notes

I added simple pair of pink H&M heels to keep the outfit neutral. Adding a pale pink high heel helps to elongate the legs and make you look a little taller. The sunglasses are from RayBan and the hat....Well the hat I stumbled upon in a little Spanish boutique. I knew instantly that I needed it to finish off this melody. 

By adding the last item, the pretty Audrey Hepburn style hat it created a classic sophisticated holiday look.

A Dance With Fabric

The Main Stage

The most important thing to me is glowing makeup with the floaty girlie outfit. Not overdoing anything, but making sure my base was as dewy and fresh as I could.

When you have such a statement outfit don't try to overshadow it with too much fuss. Simple accessories and a perfect, but natural makeup look.

This dress would work for nearly every body shape. The pear, the hourglass and like me the rhubarb. Even the apple could get away with this look as long as the underwear was perfectly fitted and flattering. This dress has a tie cord so it's adaptable for even ladies who are expecting! 

A Dance With Fabric


A Dance With Fabric
A Dance With Fabric

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