How to Shop On eBay

As you all know I do model portfolio's and photoshoots for brands and as a result I need a good but reasonable sources of clothing for these I hit eBay once in a while for unusual items of clothing. I call it extreme eBaying! I'm going to share with how to shop on eBay and find some incredible bargins.

Being a personal stylist I do have a little look for myself, my friends and my beauty boutique clients at the same time! I always get amazing items when I follow my own tips, and I'm always complimented on my style. If I tell my very special and cherished girlfriends I got a dress for as little as £0.99 their yaws always drop in seconds. 

I was out to dinner the other night wearing one of my eBay gems and all the girls simply loved this dress. I wanted to share some of my eBay shopping tips that evening but we were having such a fantastic time it was a little too loud to sit them down and discus the ins and outs! 

How to Shop On eBay

So I thought I'd share my top 10 eBay shopping tips on my blog today for all of my readers too!

I'm like one of your best girlfriend you have, right here, sharing all these secrets tips! They get results every time! 


  1. Many people can't spell, so they list items you might be searching for with mistypes. This Common mistake is a bargain hunter's dream. Wrongly spelt products receive fewer bids as the items go virtually undetected! 
  2. If you see something you like and it's got a starting bid of more than you'd like to pay message the seller. Ask them what they'd take for it to sell if to you. You might be surprised! I found a stunning evening dress that was on eBay at the starting bid at £3.50. This dress in question was originally around £250. It had sold out in a shop I ran and I was a manager and buyer for many years before. I sent the seller a lovely message asking what they'd take for it as I'd lost my old one many years before (true story) and to my surprise she came back can have it for £3.50! So it's worth looking out for bargains! 
  3. Type in Women's clothes size (whatever you are) and look in the auction. Do this randomly and do it later in the evening. It's worth staying up sometimes. Listings that finish at anti-social times often get fewer bids.
  4. Search for specific labels you love. Or key items you have seen in stores in recent months or years. Someone's got what you want and may be selling it on. 
  5. When an item says buy it now or best offer always offer half of what they have specified! It's very cheeky but you will be amazed at the response sometimes! 
  6. Get savvy with your biding. When you bid on an item bid to the highest amount you'd eventually pay for an item but add a little more. Say the bid starts at £0.99 and you would eventually pay £10. Bid £10.10 there and then. You won't see the bid go straight to £10 unless someone else bids on that item. So if you get into a bidding battle you know that the other person probably won't think of adding a few more pence to the final amount! 
  7. Don't be fooled by the sponsored posts. They are generally 'made in china' cheep, very inexpensive and not worth the money. I've learnt the hard way! I've bought items that have turned up labelled a size 8 and in reality are a size 2! Not even my daughter could wear them! Or they have fallen to bits by the end of day one when wearing them!
  8. Use the app on your phone and enable the notifications. Then use the watch button for items you are interested in. You will be notified when the item is coming to an end. 15 minutes or so before it happens. This will give you time to decide if you'd like to bid or not 
  9. Often sellers don't realise they're sitting on a goldmine and list items at a ridiculously low value. These bargains are to be snapped up quickly. Don't sit there thinking they won't get taken. The trick's to select a category you're clued up on, for me it's fashion (naturally£ then filter it to show the 'buy it now' items only and sort through the results by "Newly listed" or the time ending soon. Scan through until you spot underpriced goodies, then swoop in. 
  10. Don't get carried away in the trill of winning! You don't need everything and not everything is a bargain! So be a bit strict with yourself!! 
How to Shop On eBay

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