Let's Talk About Branding

How I can help you as a business? Lets talk about branding for a second. Businesses, brands and website owners need their content regularly updated with fresh new and original material. From beautiful professional About me images on the most visited page of your website, blog posts to embedded meta data. Its vital in helping your brand to grow in this day and age. It's the sign of the times. Their's tough competition out there in this digital era. 

Let's Talk About Branding

Whenever someone searches online for anything, Google looks for content that your site might well have. Every moment of every day your site could be helping you or your brand, and you don't even know about it. That's so incredibly cool, don't you think? Its also incredibly important to get your site looking as beautiful as possible. Or more to the point, get you looking your best on your website. Then get your services seen as creatively and beautifully as possible.

The about me page is the most important page you have. People like to know who they are investing in. I'm here to help you, from pre photoshoot beauty sessions to the actual images I shoot.

Having beautiful personal and professional images will help you stand out from the crowd. Then you need to think about the occasional, original blog post content about what you're up to or why you're the person they need to see. It could be a visual return to your site or in personal for your services.

Let's Talk About Branding

Page descriptions are also one of the best ways to enable your site is pulled successfully on a daily basis. You need to understand what specific phrases people will use in their google searches that could enable people to find what you do. Then you need to embed those phrases in valuable content and images people with fall in love with. When I say valuable, I mean you need to empower and teach your readers. 

As you know I'm a professional portrait photographer, personal stylist, one of the most highly skilled and qualified nail technicians in the UK and beauty expert based in Winchester UK. So for me blogging about personal style, fashion, nails and makeup really helps 2Boxes to be found more easily. It also helps my clients see that I'm passionate about helping others look good on and off camera. 

My Winchester photography, style and image company has really grown rapidly in the last 3 months since I've gotten really serious about the boring embedded meta data and descriptions. Every page and every image has keywords and descriptions embedded in the coding to help you find me! Once you do find me then its an exciting journey of empowerment. I have so much that I can offer you. Everything I do is dedicated to helping you look stunning. Giving you simply beautiful nails, makeup, LVL Lashes, HD Brows, personal styling, spray tans and photography.

Let's Talk About Branding

For me it's vital to my Hampshire photography, beauty and nail salon to have original, beautiful and professional blog posts. Packed with stunning images and really helpful content. Giving fashion advise is second nature to me and it really helps all my clients. Its also wonderful to help others look great on a daily basis! 

So if you desire to become busy you or your brand needs a boost. You need stunning professional mages that portray a person they can connect with.

I love to blog and use my YouTube channel to embed valuable content on the site. All this enables people to connect with me. It also means you can get a feel for who I really am!

If you do decide to do all of this it's vital you don't over do it though....so keep posting about what you'd doing, but not every 5 minutes! People can get really irritated by constant uploads, it's a fine line.

Let's Talk About Branding

It's also not about how many followers you have it's about the quality of your work and how you treat the followers and the clients you have. 

Yes it's hard work being a blogger and a busy business owner! But it's so worth it! It's worth it as it helps others, and that's what is so special about what I do.

If you are thinking of getting images taken and need to contact me about images for your website, getting photo ready for up and coming event such as a wedding, a birthday or just because....or if you have any beauty needs you may require to help you feel more confident then please don't hesitate in contacting me. Check out the rest of the website to see how I can help you, 

I'm wearing H&M shorts & off the shoulder top, gladiator scandals (old) Hat from Spain and Prada bag with a vintage scarf.