Reset Your Mindset

2016 was a hideous year for some, but this year is starting to feel like life's beginning to get sorted. Many of my great friends are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel work wise, health wise and emotionally wise. This is the best time of year to spring clean your wardrobe and your mindset. Clear out your closet along with bad emotional habits. While you're throwing away those old unwanted, ill fitting or shrunk tops, its time to reset your mindset in the process.

Reset Your Mindset

I have been a bit distracted from blogging recently as I have been seriously busy building up my beauty salon side of things in Winchester once again. I'm loving seeing old and new clients. I've been chatting to lots of incredible women and one thing keeps popping up, and thats self investment. Not many women invest in themselves. From simple things like forgiving yourself for having that extra slice of cake to buying something that will make you feel better. 

Reset Your Mindset

In my line of work its all about self investment. From doing a beautiful set of nails, recommending Collagen Shots, or MyLash, a face lifting HD Brow treatment to a stunning set of images of their grandchildren or themselves to treasure forever. It's so important to realise your own worth and feel good about treating yourself. 

On the other hand if you are running a business it's one of the most important things you need to do. Especially if you have a website or are thinking about launching one. First impressions really do count. 

Reset Your Mindset, Top fashion blogger

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe & Mindset also applies to businesses. I have been a little MIA recently as I have been focussing on my brand and how I'm running my site. I too have had a cleaning session! 

I've sorted out my life wardrobe you could say. I have got rid of old hangups, one being the realisation the ageing process sucks!! Not that I'm complaining, as it also brings clarity and focus. As we age we need to accept the fact that we won't ever get into that 2 piece swim set again, and thats cool. What we need to remind ourselves is that we can choose our mindset. It's up to you if you wake up feeling un-motivated or focused on the job at hand. 

Reset Your Mindset, Fashion blogger, Winchester UK

It's also ok to take some time off to enjoy life. That's exactly what we did last weekend! Myself and my hubby took 2 days off to sit in the sunshine, drink a glass of fizz, eat a cheeky bowl of chips and to just soak up the glorious rays. 

Reset Your Mindset

We naturally took our cameras and did a spot of location scouting, and light chasing for new clients in the process! 

I'm wearing 7 For Mankind jeans, H&M ruffle top, and bag, Gucci love bangle, vintage ring, Zara heels & Ashley Brooke sunnies.