Top 10 Heatwave Beauty Tips

Life lately has been filled with fun days in my beauty boutique, out and about shooting images for incredible fellow female entrepreneurs and fighting to stay looking fresh in the heatwave we are having here in the uk. I thought I would share my with you today! 

Top 10 Heatwave Beauty Tips



  1. The most important skincare tip I can share with you is make sure you use a broad spectrum factor lotion or cream. This will prevent skin burning, skin ageing and also the changes of getting skin cancer. UVA & UVB lettering is what you need to be looking for. Not all sunscreens are that great. I use factor 50 on my body in this heat most days or P20.
  2. Avoid the heat if you can, its an obvious one! Try to stay out of the sun, walk in the shade if you have to and avoid being outside between 11am and 3pm as it's the hottest part of the day. If you need to look tanned without the skin damage then pop over and see me for a spray tan! No one will ever know your an english rose underneath. I'm well known for my tanning skills that fool everyone. I'm so scrupulous with my prep that I guarantee no nasty looking streaks or orange palms!   
  3. Keep cool by carrying a water spray. I love Caudaile grape water as it keeps my skin really fresh. Its a perfect item to carry all summer. 
  4. Wear natural fibres or material that feels delicate on the skin.
  5. If you take a cool shower or splash yourself with cool water in the day remember to put on more factor cream. 
  6. Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water. This will keep you and your skin plump and line free.
  7. Avoid excess alcohol. Sitting in the sun becoming dehydrated isn't good for your skin. Make sure you have regular breaks to hydrate throughout the day.
  8. Use a makeup setting spray if you need to wear a full face of makeup. Again Caudalie grape water is incredible when used for this. My multi tasking beauty essential for summer.
  9. Use a mineral foundation as its lighter on the complexion in the heat.
  10. Use a moisturising lipstick or factor balm as the lips can get dehydrated faster than you would expect.
Top 10 Heatwave Beauty Tips

I hope that has helped you stay looking fresher over the next few weeks! This heatwave is set to stay for a while. Its a great way to suffer but I for one can't stand to feel my face sliding off, so I change my makeup routine to suit the humidity by applying my own top 10 heatwave tips! 

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