What The Health & The Retreat

I recently watched 'What The Health' and 'The Retreat' and both rang alarm bells with me. I thought to myself what if my long term issues are food related? What if I can cure myself through my gut? And what if I can live a normal pain free life?

This is my organic, whole food vegan update for anyone thinking of joining this cool group! It will help the animals, and it could help you! Today's post is a very personal one that could help you if your surfing in anyway like I have for years. 

After watching both programs and following a new diet I'm well and truly vegan. I can happily say that I've never felt better. I've been plagued with illness and sickness for years. Thinking I had food allergies and ailments for over 2 decades. When you're that unwell within your body you begin to believe it's normal to have aches, pains, sickness and be on daily medication for various symptoms. 

I was diagnosed with multiple gallstones over a year ago after being rushed to hospital. After many, many years of severe problems. Sudden bouts of pain and chronic sickness, then days recovering. Hiding these issues became a normal daily pastime. I just got on with life thinking it was normal to be in constant pain, put on continuous medication and living in fear of being suddenly sick for no apparent reason. 

What The Health TV Program

Bloating and other issues ruled my life. I'd have to cancel events and evenings out with friends when I became sore, sick, in pain and house bound. I'd carry sachets of acid relief, paracetamol and prescribed tablets in my handbag at all times. In total fear of having a major attack out in public. I'd feel irritated and deflated that none of my jeans would fit. Yes its 3rd world problems but when you have these issues each and every day of your life it becomes so normal. Yes bloody crap, but normal. 

How wrong is that! I've been on my vegan journey for a good few months now and it occurred to me just the other day that I haven't needed to take any medication for various issues for about 3 weeks. My constant integration has completely vanished, my blood pressure is the lowest it's been in years and my eczema has cleared up totally. Aches and pains are a thing of the past other than suffering with a bad back recently. A rib had been out in my back. Possibly to do with the bouts of chronic sickness. It's all totally related to my digestion and diet. 

I'm pain and sickness free for the first time in years. It's utterly incredible! Not one attack in 3 weeks! No need to take prescription acid reflux tablets 3-4 times a day and not one anti spasm tablet consumed! It's a miracle. 

Why is this....I think cutting out all the acidic animal produce and dairy has had a massive impact on my gut, my health and my wellbeing. I've been to various professionals in the last few weeks and they are as amazed as me! 

I'm sleeping soundly, not waking up in the middle of the night reaching for medication. I'm spending my days pain and tablet free other than my vitamin and mineral supplements. I no longer worry about working and having to dose up on tablets to see my through the day.

My journey is still in its infant stage but I'm loving life to the full once more after years of hating my body and what it was doing to my mental health. Is it all related to changing my diet? Who knows but it's the single one thing I've drastically changed in years. That has to account for something! 

What The Health TV Program

One thing I will say is don't trust a book by its cover. You never know what inward health struggles someone has by just looking at them on the outside. 

Your mental Heath can be affected by your physical health and I'm just very fortunate that I have a loving husband who has helped me through tough times, put up with cancelling or cutting short events, evenings out and even shopping trips due to the intense and sudden problems I'd have. He's been there for me whenever I've been unwell. Thank you Ian. 


I urge you to watch 'What The Health' and 'The Retreat' as they really hit home about how diet affects every aspect of your wellbeing. Not just for you! The animals too!