Become Your Own Personal Stylist

Here I can help you ladies by giving you all the information you need to help you become your own personal stylist. My aim is to help you look and feel truly amazing everyday. I style all my clients before photoshoots and I’m always sharing my basic rules, so I have decided to jot them down to help everyone. 

Become Your Own Personal Stylist, Fashion blogger Sarah Bacchus

One things thats apparent is that lots of you find it mind boggling as stores are constantly stocking new items each week.

Its so easy to indulge in meaningless fashion choices over true style. Should we keep up with fashion or become really classic, classy and clever dressers. I opt for the latter. Once you determine your body shape its relatively easy to dress for your inner style icon. We all have one lurking within ourselves trust me. 

My main rule is ignore the label and try on loads of different sizes to see what fits you best. Most high street stores have such a huge turn around of stock they don’t have any quality control so sizing is all over the place.

So take more than one item in your size and the next size up and give them a try on. You will be amazed at the difference in fit between each and every item. Go on do a little experiment the next time your in a clothing store and grab a what you can, pop the jeans, dress or top and and see what you think. 

Become Your Own Personal Stylist

I will give you the basic ideas for each body shape, this will enable you to get a sense of what shape you really are and how you can dress more effectively. But first you need to work out what body shape you are and understand the key principles of styling yourself. 

Become Your Own Personal Stylist Tips

Different Body Shapes

The Apple:

You have as a slim arms & legs with a bit of a tummy

  1. Ladies, your rule is to layer your clothing and long waistcoats left open is a good disguise. This will draw attention to the narrow section down the middle of your torso giving the appearance of being slimmer and creating vertical lines.
  2. Long draping fashion is great for you as it will flatter and create gentle curves.
  3. Opt for darker all over colours and add colour to your long dangly and oversized accessories.
  4. Avoid choker necklaces as these will only cut across the body and create a shorter torso.
  5. Single breasted jackets open to create the look of a slim line down the centre.
  6. Roll up the sleeves of the jacket to show off the slim arms.
  7. Add a bangle to draw attention away from the body with your long line necklace or scarf will work a treat.
  8. Long tunic tops worn over dark skinny jeans to show off those impressive legs.
  9. Loose fitting dresses or trapeze dresses like 60s versions are amazing.
  10. Keep it balanced and simple. Fairly simple when you know how.

The Pear:

You have a small chest, curvy hips and have a little more substantial rear 

  1. The main style tips for the pear shaped woman is to wear floaty long maxi style dresses and loose trousers. Most pear shapes will have a smaller bust so looking slim from head to toe is a doddle for this shape. 
  2. You will most probably have a very defined waist. The way to create the perfect shape is to draw attention to your upper body. And to create the illusion that the lower half is in fact all in proportion. You’ll look wonderful and stunning with a few of my style tricks!
  3. Opt for bold colours or vivid prints on the top half and keep the lower half more neutral. You want to play down your slightly larger bottom half.
  4. Most fitted tops will work wonders but keep in mind that you need to create balance. So keep away from darker colours on your top half. Wide necklines are perfect and also strapless tops and dresses.
  5. Make the most of a tiny waist and always add a belt. Even if its over a jacket. Take off the one that comes with the coat and invest in a seasonal capsule eye catching one. Places like Reiss always have such an amazing range.
  6. Look for pretty tops that eventuate the waist. Loose flowing tops are ok but remember to add that stunning belt. Also tops that cover a slightly larger bottom help cover your widest part.
  7. Darker trousers create a more slimming effect. Also loose filling or flowing trousers are perfect. Make sure that they have a grown on waist band and are not too distracting with busy prints. Denim is ok but be warned that skinny jeans might not be the best shape. Flared jeans are better as they will balance out your shape.
  8. Now the main rule here is the length of hem lines.  You ideally want to draw the eye to the smallest part of the leg. Avoid short skirts or garments that end around the widest part of the leg.
  9. Avoid like the plague embroidered pockets or any detailing around the widest part of your body. So that cute pair of sequinned embellished jeans you have picked up in Topshop, put them down and walk away! Go and find a stunning sequin fitted top and pair with a floaty maxi skirt. You will thank me so much for persuading you to do so.
  10. Skater dresses are your best friends. The right fit and they will draw the eye towards the smallest part of your frame, your waist.
  11. A-line or tulip shapes are also are good choices. Avoid tight filling anything that stick to your hips.
  12. Lastly add a statement necklace as this will draw the eye towards the smaller part of your body.

The Hourglass:

You have curves in all the right places. You have a defined waist and your proportions are very symmetrical but your legs and bottom can be on the bigger side.

  1. Your main feature is your waist. So garments should nip in and show off those stunning curves.
  2.  Extra emphasis on your bust will make you look bigger so you need to avoid large spaces of block colour. So roll necks are not a great idea. Look for V necks and halter necklines. Along with scoop necks to soften the top half.
  3. Avoid wide necklines like boat necks and squares as these will only make you look top heavy.
  4. Fitted and tailored garments are perfect for you. You are about the only shape in the spectrum that can really pull off a tube dress with ease.
  5. Always add a belt to jackets, dresses, even jumpers. Shorter fitted styles are cute and jackets or tops that finish above your hips will show off that beautiful frame of yours.
  6. Anything that draws the attention to your waist is key. 
  7. Hourglass figures look simply amazing in full 50s style skirts as this really creates the illusion of a tiny waist.
  8. Avoid too many embellished tops with ruffles and trimmings as these will only make the top half look way big.
  9. Soft draping fabrics will work wonders with dreamy curves. So always choose softer and more luxurious flowing garments.
  10. Kick flares are a good choice proportion wise. they will balance out the frame if you have slightly wider hips.
  11. Lastly always try to go with vertical stripes rather than horizontal. this will create the illusion of height.

The Rhubarb:

You are straight up and down with hardly any waist but has slim legs and arms.

  1. Emphasise your legs with skinny jeans and heels. This will draw attention away from your thicker waist.
  2. Create curves by wearing floaty skirts.
  3. Make the most of being slim up top and show off your arms or wear a smock top. 
  4. Add a long necklace for a feature.
  5. Only wear belts when wearing wider garments on the bottom or you will draw the attention to a lager waist in comparison to the rest of the body.
  6. Jewellery is a free area you can wear whatever you like. Just don’t overdo it. Think like Chanel… Take of the last accessory to create the perfect done/undone look
  7. Aways wear darker colours around the mid section to create the look of a smaller waist.
  8. Keep well away from fitted white tops. This will only make you look bigger than you actually are.
  9. Never wear overly clingy as this will only make you look too skinny
  10. Don’t wear too low V neck if you have a very small bust as this will make the top half look thiner.
  11. Layer clothing as this will create curves
  12. Skinny jeans with loose tops and heels are perfect