Cheap Nails Vs Premium Nail Services

I wanted to write a little something about my passion in life and thats Nails. To help you all when making the decision of what services to get and where to go. Question: Whats the difference between a set of cheap nails Vs premium nail services. Or a set of nails by a highly experienced professional compared to a much cheaper somewhere else?

Answer: My answer has always been the same….If you don’t mind having a quick cheap fix or a one off occasion thats fine. But longterm wear of inexpensive nail extensions are seriously bad. They are the main reason your nails become damaged, thin, weak and feel sore. The use of drills and poor quality products will damage the delicate layers of your nail bed. Poorly fitted plastic tips can cause your nail bed to separate from the bed. Inappropriate glue can rot the layers of the nail plate. Poor sanitisation can lead to infections and if the nail tech isn't qualified she will not understand the correct procedure for each individual nail client. All nail beds are different. Its a bit like going to fashion store and picking up a one size pair of skinny jeans and expecting them to fit everyone perfectly in the same way!  

Once the nails have been damaged they will need months of TLC, care and attention. All it takes is one session with a untrained or novice technician thats not been educated in the right way. Or a nail tech using inferior cheap products. You probably won't realise the whats happened until its too late either. You might have noticed red rings going up your nail bed. Sore ridges and thickened Proximal Nail Fold from all the nipping and cutting of what the inexperienced nail tech believes is the cuticle. 

"Cuticles are a thin layer of dead cells that cover the entire nail bed and not the fold of skin at the bottom!"

You then will need to see a specialist nail technician over a long period of time (around 12 weeks) while the nail grows out from root to tip, And to receive regular manicures, possibly a covering of good quality product to cover and protect the ridged, grooved and painful nail plate and a home maintenance procedure.  

Most people don't need to have more than one set of great nail extensions until their nails have grown long enough to have a beautiful set of quality gel nails. One cheap set of nail extensions could actually cost you more in the long run. In some cases cause permanent nail problems.  

If thats not convinced you to find a passionate, experienced and well educated nail professional I don't know what will.