How To Master Positive Mental Attitude

How to master positive mental attitude, life challenges, changes and coping with self doubt is something I feel we all have in common. Some people are less positive than others but on the whole most of the people I encounter have one thing in common. We all are way too hard on ourselves. 

How To Master Positive Mental Attitude

When life gives you lemons make lemonade don't they say. But do we ever take the advice we all give out to others? I feel not. If your feeling lost, down or riddled with self doubt, here's a's is a fresh new start. Don't hide behind anything and start a new day with a positive mental attitude. 

How To Master Positive Mental Attitude Tips

  1. When you wake up say to yourself I'm going to do whatever I can to be happy today. Just for that one day.
  2. Don't worry about tomorrow...Its far too far away. Do what you can in a single day. They will gradually add up to a lifetime of happiness and positivity. 
  3. Feel the power of positivity right in the pit of your stomach. 
  4. Drink lots of water to help your body flush out toxins and negative energy.
  5. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you or your dreams and goals. Actually don't worry about what others think of you full stop. 
  6. Forgive yourself for past events, friendships that have gone wrong. Its all in the past.
  7. Do something that makes you happy everyday. It could be going to the gym, making a nice cup of tea, a walk in the woods or a long bath. 
  8. Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. Life's too short to worry about all the silly stuff
  9. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a nice person. 
  10. Grab a brolly, head out and dance in the rain!

I have learnt to cope with many things in the last few years like illness, huge changes and I have to say everything happens for a reason. So....Just go with it and have faith in the universe. Let it do its job and try not to worry.