How To Take Better iPhone Pictures

I’m constantly taking pictures and thought todays post would help you all learn how to take better iPhone pictures. I really don’t write enough about photography and seeing as I'm a professional photographer its high time I did.

How To Take Better iPhone Pictures

Todays lesson is all about iPhone images and flat lays. To get really amazing pictures you must have a combination of 5 things.

  1. Light

  2. Composition

  3. Space

  4. Props

  5. Clean

1. Light. This is possibly the most important thing when it comes to images. The right lighting can totally change a picture. I prefer natural light for food as the flash can make the images look waxy. So really think about light. If you can’t get a bright enough image download the Photoshop Express app on your phone. My go to setting is spring. It awakens the background and instantly brightens the image.

How To Take Better iPhone Pictures

Time of the day really can have a huge impact on the light too. Mid afternoon is when I love to take pictures of food where we live. The light bounces through the trees outside and creates the most beautiful effects that dazzle. Play with pictures at diffident times of the day to create content.

2. Composition. The next thing to practice is composition. The rule I try to snap by is to make the picture look as interesting as possible, but to not have everything fully in the frame. Keep objects to an odd number. So 3 things are better then 2 and 5 is more appealing than 4. Offsetting details are also very appealing visually too.

The iPhone has a grid you can turn on in the settings to help you compose images while you are practicing. Its a really good tool to use when positioning objects. If you press and hold a focal point for a few seconds you also can re compose the shot. This enables you to be more creative! Neat hay!

Remember the rule of thirds. This is all about aligning an object with the guide lines and their intersection points. Making then connect section to section. Also think about whats not in the picture. This might sway you to add in other key objects to improve the look and it will naturally become more of a story than a quick snap. Photography is and art form for me and not just quick snaps!

3. Space. This is the free area in images. Creating space or off setting an object will make the image look more professional. Not everything has to be positioned in the middle of the picture.

4. Props. Get yourself some cool backgrounds like marble, wood or colourful trays. You can pick up all sorts of props for shoots and one of my favourite things is different sheets of wallpaper. You can get so much more texture into a n image if you layer and add in a few angled props.

5. Clean. The last one is a real bugbear of mine…Clean your lens! The amount of images I see in Instagram where the person has a smeary, fuzzy or de-focused image is really always a dirty lens!

Some simple tips to help you improve your pictures for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!