NuSkin ageLOC Me Review

I have been trailing this personal skincare machine for over 2 months now. I have waited a little longer to get my thoughts translated to a blog post as I wanted to give my readers the best overall, true and concise ageLOC Me review I possibly could. 

The device itself is beautiful in design and sits very happily alongside my other bathroom necessities. I can’t see it looking out of place in anyones bathroom to be honest. The quality of the device is as luxury as they come. Its solid, strong, has clean smooth lines and above all its incredibly hygienic. 

So with the first impressions of the design aspect out of the way we need to chat about what this actually delivers. Obviously skincare…But its skincare like never before.

NuSkin ageLOC Me Review

When you purchase this device you will need to take a quick 5-10 minute questionnaire all about your lifestyle, where you live in the world, your skin issues and most importantly your skins needs and future desires. This advanced, visual and scientific questioner will enable you to obtain customised unique skincare just for you. 

NuSkin’s visual evaluation questionnaire guarantees a personalised skincare plan. With around 2,000 product combinations they deliver exactly what you need. Believe me when I say this is seriously impressive. Just the test alone will enable you to see what could happen if you ignore your fundamental morning and nighttime anti ageing rituals. You have to see it to believe it! 

NuSkin ageLOC Me Review

You and me are totally different so why not have tailored skincare. One cream or serum won’t work for everyone and ageLOC Me is a first-of-its-kind. Customised anti-ageing products you have specially chosen by you. 

The magical machine will turn up with various unique cartridges that contain your essential day and night moisturisers along with a combination of serums that work specifically together. All you have to do is pop the batteries in and set up the time and date on the digital panel. From then on all you have to do is place your hand underneath and it will do the work for you. It will dispense just the right about of product for either the daytime or nighttime. 

The biggest question you need to know is…Does it work?

Well yes. In a nutshell I couldn’t be without this device now its in my life. Since using NuSkin’s products for the last 2 years I have noticed a rapid decrease in my ageing process. I still get asked for ID now and again if I am out with friends for drinks. Or if I am picking up a bottle of Fizz for a friends birthday. My date of birth has always got a stunned reaction followed by “Whats your secret?” My answer is always the same… Good skincare and drink lots of water. My skincare choices are always NuSkin. 

Over the last 2 months since using the ageLOC Me skincare I have actually seen another massive change the texture of my skin. It feels plump, even more line and wrinkle free if you could possibly believe it. My skin feels smoother and the appearance is more even. I have been using less foundation to cover my age spots. And I have noticed my complexion looks more radiant throughout the entire day. 

I’ve only had 1 week without my ageLOC Me system in the last 2 months. That unfortunately was when I was rushed into hospital with gallstones and was too embarrassed to get my husband to bring my machine in for me. 

While in hospital the appearance of uneven skin tone and pore size came subtly creeping back within just days. I really could feel my skin crying out for its usual specific needs. On returning home, what do you think was one of the first things I needed to do?….Have a lovely long bath, a hair mask and be reunited with my skincare serums and moisturisers. I could have however asked him to take out the cartridges, but that only occurred to me when I got home!!!

Its not the cheapest of plans, but we all need to invest in long term home regimes. Salon treatments have their place but they too need to be kept up. One off facials or courses of expensive electrical treatments don't have much impact on the ageing process if they are not part of your monthly budget.  

It important to understand it will take at least 28 days to see results with any new skincare systems or devices like the Galvanic Spa. Thats the amount of time the cells are totally reenergising from the basal layer to the top where we see them. 

Head over the website and do the skincare assessment! Its fun and also an eye opener if you see how bad your skin could be without this regime in the future. There are loads of amazing items on offer including the best makeup range. All of the items are packed with antioxidants and anti ageing skincare properties unique to NuSkin's advanced scientific research.