Removing Gel Nails At Home

Today's blog post brings you all my professional tips for removing gel nails at home, safely, easily, quickly and with NO damage to the natural nail. Many people struggle to removing gels at home. This is because you are not doing the right things and to be would you really know.

Tips and tricks from the professionals are normally not shared with clients as the technician would rather you go to them and rightly so if they applied them in the first place.

But we are talking about home kits here. One thing I will bring to your attention and that is a huge problem, professionally and with home kits is pickers. Yes you know who you are don’t you. If you have or are regularly picking at gel nails you are going to cause lots of damage. So don’t do it!

Well I am here to help you lovely ladies in the quest for better home removal. I’m here to help all of my wonderful readers take off those nails in the comfort of your own home. 

If you cant go to a salon then lets make sure you are doing the job properly. I am planning on running regular nail posts when I have the time and you can comment and get involved! So lets get started….

Top Ten Tips For Removing Gel Nails At Home

  1. Set up your area so its neat and tidy. Grab the remover kit and blow out any candles you may have burning. Nail remover is highly flammable and isn’t a great idea to do this around a naked flame.
  2. Then move any food out of the way as you really don’t want to be consuming any particles. Boring health and safety bit out of the way now we can get started.
  3. Place a towel on the work surface as the remover is a solvent and will damage tables if spilt. Always keep the lids on things until you need them.
  4. Buff the top of the gel polish before you wrap them with the remover and foil. Make sure you don’t buff the regrowth of the natural nail as this will damage those lovely natural nail beds. You really don’t want this to happen and qualified nail technicians are very careful not to do this (well good ones are) Buff one hand at a time and get that ready for the next step.
  5. Get out 5 nail remover wraps and bend them so there is a little bowl effect to each one. Add a little remover to all of the cotton wool area before applying to the fingers.
  6. Carefully wrap all 5 nails starting from the pinkie (this just makes things easier)
  7. Now this is possibly the biggest tip of all…..Don’t squeeze those nail remover wraps too tight. You need a little air to circulate inside the remover wraps so they can get to work.
  8. Keep hands still as waving them about will cool the remover down. You want to help the remover work by letting it warm up. Place hands under a throw or if you have particularly cold hands grab a hot water bottle prior to setting up.
  9. Now sit quietly and watch half of a TV show. Just 10-15 minutes time they should be ready to gently scrape off with the remover tool.
  10. If you have a little left on the ends just gently buff the product (not the natural nail) and return them into the foil, place your hands under a throw and wait a further 5 minutes. This happens normally because you have longer nails. The main reason is the remover needs warmth to activate and break down the molecular structure that was cured originally. When the nails are longer you don’t have the natural heat from the body or nail bed to create that warmth and can be a little harder to remove. So all you need to do is find a jumper, throw or hot water bottle to get it going. When I had a salon one of my all time favourite gadgets was heated manicure mittens. They used to be perfect for clients that used to wave their hands around too!!!

You should now be looking at 5 stunning natural nails all ready to apply your next set. Any questions just add a little comment! I hope this has helped and please let me know if you need anymore advice! 

If you are looking for a professional job its always best to find a qualified specialist. If you are in the Winchester drop in to see me!