The Secret To Thicker Brows

Do you want the secret to thicker brows, the secrets the stars know about to growing their brows, do you want beautiful thick and enviable lashes and eyebrows? Lashes and eyebrows really frame the face and they can take years off someones appearance if they look luscious, shiny and in beautiful condition. When they look thin, uneven and sparse they can add years to what could be a stunning and pretty face. MyLash or Latisse for lashes and eyebrows could be the answer to many girls problems.

My Latisse lash and eyebrow growth review came out of curiosity and then love! If you desire to look even a little like star or Cara Delevingne the model known for her distinctive eyebrows, you need to keep reading. Or if your lashes or brows just won’t grow after years and years of over plucking. If your getting a little older and your noticing hair changes like thin brows. if you have been enthusiastically removing a few too many hairs, or even if you crave those Cara brows that are so in fashion right now, then this could well be your next best friend.

I have had a long suffering relationship with my fine eyelashes and eyebrows. They are sparse, thin, pale and naturally a very odd shape. I get by with great mascara and just regular HD brow treatments, eyebrow pencils, setting gels of all different descriptions, clear, brown, red or black depending on what colour my hair was one week to the next. I have eyebrow shadow and I dye the life out of them in hope that one day I will wake up looking like Cara's.

Here you can see a significant difference in both my lashes and my brows

MyLash or Latisse as its known in America and its going down a storm over in the states. Latisse eyebrows I predict will be the next big beauty trend. The use of Latisse on the brows started in America about 3 years ago and they are loving the product so much. Well I decided to give this a go. I have been using it religiously for a few weeks to see what happens. Well I’m delighted to tell you my lashes and brows are not what they once where. They are plumper, thicker and more glossy than ever. They need to bottle this stuff and make it into a scalp serum! Then every girls dream of longer and thicker locks would come true! I have only been using it for short time and already I can see a great change.

The reason I decided to try this after years of using it on my lashes (can’t live without it) was because I was about to get my brow tattoo redone, but to be brutally honest with you all I couldn’t go through with the pain ever again. Looking back I fooled myself in thinking it didn’t hurt and that they looked amazing, but in truth they actually looked fake. So now my semipermanent brows have faded (thank god) and what was left needed some natural attention.

So a few weeks ago I grabbed my bottle of MyLash and set about giving this a trial. Before I went to bed each evening and at the same time as I brushed my teeth it was brow rehab time. Fast forward to today and my once nasty thin and patchy eyebrows have been restored with fresh new hair all thanks to MyLash. The bald patches have been replaced, the gaps have been filled in and I feel fresher due to it being my own real hair. Can I dare say a little younger too?! When they where primarily tattooed in they looked a little too thin and very…well block like. Very ageing when I look back at close up shots.

I’m so thrilled to have naturally thicker eyebrows for the first time in years. All down to MyLash or Latisse as its know in the U.S.

How to apply Latisse eyebrow

I do this once a day, normally before I go to bed. I apply the serum to my lash line at the same time for the most incredible long lashes. Read my full review of MyLash here to see photographic evidence that this little product is mind blowing and magical. You will be amazed I promise you.

  1. Cleanse and tone the skin.
  2. Moisturise but leave out the brow area as you want the make sure the product sinks into the skin
  3. Use one of the little applicators to apply one drop of the eyebrow growth product to each eyebrow. Now rub it along the hair follicles that are already there. Then apply it where you would like them to grow.
  4. Have patience as it can take up to 4/6 weeks to see new hair appear in places where their hasn’t been any for years. The hair that’s already there will start to look thicker, darker and glossier within 2-4 weeks.
  5. If it drips down don’t worry your not going to get a hairy face! It needs to be repeatedly applied over a few weeks to see growth.
  6. While growing brows use it once a day and when you have grown them out. Use it around 2-3 times a week to maintain the thickness.

I’m so happy with my new thicker, stronger and more beautiful brows. I get asked all the time about my age and I really do think good brows have a lot to do with looking younger. If your face is naturally framed you don’t need to cake tons of ageing makeup on either. Just a buff of mineral foundation, a cream blusher, a little black eyeliner flick. One or two coats of mascara on your longer and now stunning lashes. All this framed by those perfect brows that even Cara would be proud of!

Here are some before and after images I have found on the internet of Latisse helping others. I haven’t documented mine stage by stage as my brow tattoo has faded and looks kind of weird. My brows are gradually growing over the old now grey looking hair stokes. They have improved so much i can’t wait to see what they will look like in a few weeks.