Tina Earnshaw's New Makeup Brush Launch

Introducing the latest and greatest beauty essential for creating the perfect everyday or event makeup. Its not so much about the style of look, its about the brushes you use and your tools of choice. The incredible beauty must have that's at the top of my favourite list this month is Tina Earnshaw's new makeup brush launch.

Tina Earnshaw's New Makeup Brush Launch

When I met Tina recently she told me all about the films she's worked on like Titanic and The Holiday. And the fact that she saw an opening in the market for precision brushes that really deliver silver screen worthy results for you at home or the professional makeup artists like myself. 

Tina craved beautiful brushes to achieve the best results for her clients, so she developed her own range. When your this fabulous and that talented why not? I could have sat and chatted to Tina all day about her work. I found out that above all she's incredibly humble, wonderfully caring, warm and a kind lady. I have admired her work for many years, so meeting her was a dream come true. Owning and using her beautiful brushes everyday is even more wonderful. 

I'm finding myself using Tina's collection over other sets I own on my photoshoots in the last few weeks. Whats more, I myself have fallen in love with the range when applying my makeup every morning.

Her brushes come in various stunning fabric brush rolls that her artist husband carefully and exquisitely designed exclusively for her new collections. 

The eight brush set I was given consists of Tina's favourite go to brushes she uses on a daily basis when making over stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and Cameron Dias.

Tina Earnshaw's New Makeup Brush Launch

The slim lip brush makes light work of crisp lines and the new nearly matt lipsticks from Sleek I used on the Empowerment shoot featured was a doddle to apply. 

The perfect brow brush to give the illusion of individual hairs, the most incredibly soft blusher brush. A wildly full face brush that can be used for powder or bronzer. A slim foundation brush made with real hair thats so slim it doesn't absorb too much foundation. Her slim eyeliner brush enables the user to create streamline flicks in a single stroke. Along with the eye shadow brushes there is a neat short concealer brush perfectly designed to apply just the right amount of product. 

A good brush cant be beaten. This stunning set is permanently in my kit bag and also my go to tools of choice since I started using them. 

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