Vintage Glamour Guide

My mother had a vintage glamour guide that she lived by. I will share with you the fashion & beauty ones that have stuck with me all my life. Some I keep up others I don’t. Either way she always inspired me to add more sparkle and glamour to my own life.

Vintage glamour guide 

Vintage Glamour Guide

  1. Have the best and the most perfect manicure in your signature colour. Perfect nails speak volumes and chips are frowned upon. You can be wearing the shabbiest of outfits or the oldest Chanel but if those nails are perfect you will look complete and finished.

  2. Be aware of your flaws and embrace your age.

  3. Embrace going grey and dye your hair ash blonde to enhance the colour.

  4. Slap on a bright pink or red lip. Always with a lip brush to make sure its done perfectly. I am embracing this more and more as I get older. NuSkin do the nicest red shade called CHA CHA Red

  5. If your running late do your makeup in the car. Simply is no excuse for turning up looking a mess. And always carry blusher as you never know who you might meet!
  6. Talk softly and never run anywhere, as a lady you must glide. I fail miserably at this as I’m always in a rush! I must work on this!

  7. Collect silk scarfs and vintage jewellery. I am lucky enough to have inherited all my mothers gems and the love of thrift shop finds.

  8. Invest in a good pair of classic black sunglasses, they will go with everything and wear them perched on top of your head when indoors. She lost them on more occasions than I can remember, only to be told that they were still sitting there on top of her head!

  9. Look after your skin. Cleanse, tone, use good serums and moisturise morning and night. Amen!
  10. Invest in the best makeup and brushes you can afford and look after them. It will be the best purchase, your makeup will work wonders for you and others will notice how you glow. Good tools – great results.
Vintage Glamour Guide

The last 2 tips have been stuck with me as long as I can remember. I am so grateful for her beauty advice. Since I stared wearing makeup when I was 16 I haven’t gone a day without looking after my skincare. I invest in the best where I can. 

My Favourite Vintage Glamour Guide Products

  • NuSkin's brushes are truly incredible
  • CHA CHA Red Lipstick
  • NuSkin bronzing pearls as they most are the most natural ones I have found
  • Urban Decay Pore Perfection to create the perfect smooth base
  • Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner, they keep lipstick from fading and bleeding
  • MyLash for longer lashes and creates more youthful eyes
  • Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, makes skin just glow
  • Bobbi Brown Blusher. All the shades are amazing, finely milled so won’t show up wrinkles.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet. Need I say more as all the Naked pallets are a must buy
  • NuSkin's Curling mascara as it adds so much impact, length and volume with its curling