Your Makeup Bag Reveals A lot About You

While I love being able to create different looks with all my favourite makeup, I still have a long list of luxury items I crave. Doesn’t every makeup loving girl, or artist. A girls makeup bag says a lot about her. Is it pink, fun and filled with fresh coral shades of blusher. Is it sultry, dark and topped up with every berry or deep rich shade of lipstick. Or is it subtle, clean and holds just a few essentials like a favourite lip balm. Your makeup bag reveals a lot about you! 

What You're Makeup Reveals About You

  • The fun loving, youthful, happy go lucky girl who loves her place skin. Has every shade of pale and coral blushers known womankind. Is obsessed with MAC’s creamy and soft matt pink lipsticks. You are the type of girl everyone wants as a best friend.
  • The quiet deep and dark lady who’s into her dark nails, russet and berry lips all year round. A powerful and intelligent go getter that doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • The busy mum or business woman that hasn’t got time for fussy makeup. The lady that has the bare minimum in her functional makeup pouch. Take a peek and you will see the clear brow mascara, the lip balm and her duel purpose lipstick and cheek tint.
  • A girl that only uses mineral and natural products. Has products that have minimal packaging. This girl is an animal lover thats passionate about the planet and helping others.
  • The girl that uses her handbag as a makeup case. The girl that can’t find anything and is always late for everything. But she’s the life and soul of every party and a joy to be around.
  • Or is the makeup bag filled with sexy red lipsticks, matt black liquid eyeliner and a miniature bottle of her most favourite sensual scent. The type of girl that everyone wants to be. The girl thats loves attention but as a child was painfully shy.
  • Or are you a mixture of all of the above depending on your mood.
 Your Makeup Bag Reveals A lot About You

Its amazing how a simple makeup collection or case can reveal a someones persona. I bet your looking into your makeup bag right now, or thinking about whats inside. I have made over countless ladies in my career as a makeup artist, and I can honestly say I can tell the type of lady she was before even applying a single drop of foundation.

Now if I had a choice, my endless wish list for my ever growing makeup collection would contain the following beauty essentials from an amazing website called They deliver everything from fashion to makeup. It holds over 400 fashion boutiques offering quality, service and an inspirational shopping experience. For all our fashion and style loving readers its a must visit site!

  1. A brush set from Artis. These are quite frankly the most beautiful looking and effective brushed I have ever craved! The are unique, vintage looking and ergonomically designed. The most wonderful cosmetic tool that you could own. Ideal for the busy mum who needs her makeup done in a flash.
  2. Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Obscura. This creative artist-inspired eyeshadow palette is exquisite holding 5 highly pigmented shades of brown. Featuring  matte to a perfect shimmer. Perfect to sit along side a winged liner. Perfect for day to night looks in one hit. This is the best product for a girl who likes deep dark looks.
  3. By Terry blusher in Frozen Petal. The most desired cheek product I have my eye on. It smooths out the complexion. Keeps the skin protected. Creates the most delicate flushed, fresh and healthy completion. The packaging has me all of a flutter too! Perfect for the happy go lucky lass on the run.
  4. This stunning Lipstick Queen Brat Pack red so deliciously pigmented and applies like silk. Matt, but hydrating. Could any lipstick be any better. I think not, and this is on my luxury love list thats for sure. Sexy, beautiful and dramatic. A must for any girl that loves attention.
  5. This multi tasking By Terry CC cream is non oily, has the perfect texture, tint and blurs imperfections flawlessly. Its incredible ingredients adapts to each and every complexion. Skin is protected, is given a luminous glow, smoothed out and plumped. The best addition to a makeup bag or handbag for a busy girl on the run needing a product that delivers perfection in a flash.

Whats in my makeup case?

So who am I? And who are you…What does your makeup bag reveal about you. Things that you never knew about your self? And what would be on your lust list, if you could have anything you desired?