Personal Styling

Do you want a personalised style service from consumer to a fashion boutique and staff training you are in the right place, as you can now get me as your very own personal stylist and educator.

Ask yourself a few questions

  1. How much money do you spend on clothes every month and how much of them do you actually never wear?
  2. Do you always migrate to the same items day after day?
  3. Do you always say to yourself “I’ve nothing to wear" while staring at a huge packed closet?
  4. How old are the clothes?
  5. Does that dress you once loved still fit?
  6. Do you love your own style?
  7. Has the shape or cut of once loved items gone out of fashion and looks frumpy?
  8. Lastly how many of your items are black?

Having a wardrobe full of un-loved items can be depressing and the thought of clearing out the mountains of garments can be upsetting when you think of how much you have spent on impulse purchases. Then the actual thought of sorting, decision making and then shopping feels exhausting! Well we are here to be your fairy god mothers and take away all the stress. We are here to rebuild your closet, your self confidence, your appearance and your sense of style. Does that sound utterly fantastic.

Myself and my team will help you eliminate all of the badly fitting, unwanted, unflattering and spur of the moment garments and give you essential tips and tricks about how to dress and enhance your natural body shape.

Our closet cleanse service will identify many different outfits that suit your body shape, your lifestyle and create a fabulous new you. Together we will identify what needs to be thrown away, donated, altered, kept, replaced or new additions to jazz up your look to bring it up to date. We will teach you all you need to learn about obtaining your very own capsule wardrobe.

The Closet Cleanse

  • We will have chat about your lifestyle needs. We will discus what style that you would like to achieve.
  • We will determine what areas we need to cover. Be it corporate, casual, party, formal or evening.
  • We will make an assessment of your current closet situation. Then we will work through your wardrobe together. Placing items in separate plies. The clothes that fit, flatter or suit you from the unflattering items and unwanted items you have been clinging on to!
  • This will teach you how to maximise your closet and show you how to put different ranges of looks together.
  • You will learn valuable tips and tricks for your body shape.
  • Teach you what styles to go for and the ones to avoid.
  • Re-train you about the colours suit you best, but most importantly the shapes to look out for when shopping with colours in mind. If you have had your colours done you will need to understand Personal Styling is much more in depth than just the shades that suit you.
  • You will gain knowledge and be given advice that will last you a lifetime.
  • We together will identifying the gaps in your current closet that need to be filled.
  • We will recommend items to recreate an entire new you.
  • You will learn how to accessorise in the right way for your body shape, using what you already have.
  • We can give you professional makeup, beauty, nail and skin care advice.
  • We can advise you about all the latest treatments that you will benefit form to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Then lastly we will give you a list of places where to shop for all the items missing in your newly revamped and wonderful wardrobe.
    We then can have a chat about a Personal Styling Experience if require one. If you would like me to come along for a few hours or a days shopping to guide you in the right direction.

Personal Styling Shopping Experience

Going shopping with an expert is the best way to help you look great, feel fantastic and most of all stylish. Plus you will save time, effort & money! Being a personal stylist is one of the most incredible jobs in the world. I help you look and feel amazing everyday. We can inspire and teach you all the tricks you need for your particular frame, colouring and lifestyle. This will enable you to confidently go shopping on your own without making expensive mistakes ever again. One session could be all you need.

My team and myself studied Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting, as well as fashion Photography. And I have run my own beauty salon and education centre. I’m recognised as one of the most highly regarded makeup, beauty, nail, and skin care experts in the UK. I have owned a busy fashion boutique with its own Personal Styling service.

We are also trained Rigby and Peller bra fitters, so with all this expertise you can be certain to learn a lifetimes worth of knowledge and passion for helping others look sensational.

We will cover all the foundations you need to look totally amazing each and everyday. Having a life long journey helping others look simply amazing, We truly believe the way you look has a powerful impact on the way you feel and carry yourself. “If you look good you feel good”

Our personal styling services are for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. If we are fully booked and you can’t get an appointment we hope the fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles on the blog will help you through words and vision if not with us in person.

All of our personal styling services are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Christmas or just because. This will help you develop your own personal sense of style and give you that much needed air of confidence all women need.

We are here to help you look fantastic everyday. So when you step out of your front door every morning you know you look the absolute best you can and feel great about yourself. We know all about how fabrics drape and what styles work best for different people with different lifestyles.

Personal Styling is a great investment as it will help you develop your own style and boost your confidence. It will give you more to wear and in the long run save you tons of money. You will know what truly suits your frame, help you avoid expensive and silly mistakes. You will end up with an entire Capsule Wardrobe you love. No more wasted items hanging in your closet you may be inclined to purchase on a whim.

Prices start at just £150. We can cater for all your needs. Please contact us for a free quote if you are needing as prices will depend on your personal needs and the time you need to spend with me creating the new and stylishly improved, happy and confident you!

The Personal Styling day includes

  • A fun chat about what you would love to ultimately get out of the experience.
  • We will cover your goals and aims and most importantly the areas you really want to change.
  • We will select a range of different clothes that will suit you and your body shape so you need not leave the changing room!
  • Clothing and accessories will be sorted for you to mix and match. Any occasion will and can be covered.
  • The day will give you new found knowledge of how you can look your best and find the perfect style clothing to suit your body shape.
  • We will ensure that everything you buy makes you look and feel fantastic.
  • We will make sure you know what colours to avoid and what will bring out the best in your skin tone.
  • You will learn personal styling tips and tricks to make you look effortlessly polished everyday.
  • We will share years of personal styling tricks with you and let you pick our brains.
  • A personal styling day will start at around 10.30am till 4pm with a 30 min break for lunch to recharge your batteries!

All the personal styling bookings must be made at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment. To make an appointment please use the contact page. All fees are due in full before the start of a consultation. For any reason you are unable to make your appointment, you must inform me at least 48 hours before the scheduled time.

On the day

  1. Make sure you have a good breakfast before embarking on your shopping spree. Shopping requires a lot of energy
  2. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that can be easily removed as constantly changing in and out of your clothes can be time consuming and exhausting
  3. keep jewellery to a minimum too!
  4. Please inform me if you have a budget.
  5. Wear comfy shoes.
  6. Once you are happy and confident then the time will come to shine.
  7. Perhaps you would love to have a new set of pictures taken. Well I can help with that as I’m also a professional photographer. Have some fun and capture the new you too!
    Personal Styling Prices:



  • Closest cleanse £150 (allow 2-3 hours)
  • Half day Personal Styling Experience £200 (allow 3 hours)
  • Full day Personal Styling Experience £275 (allow 5 hours)
  • Photographic Personal Styling session from £150 (usually around 2 hours)
  • Vouchers are available if needed.


Group & Corporate Personal Styling

We hold a recognised teacher training qualification and we can assist you in developing your business, taking it to the next level, help you grow and motivate your staff.

What does your first impression say to clients? Do your staff really represent your company’s look and image? Do your employees have the right attitude when it comes to grooming? What about their appearance say about your brand? These factors are all very important and readily forgotten. The staff you hire need to reflect the quality of your services in the best possible way.

From small family run businesses to large corporations your business needs presence. You will have chosen the right area to set up your business, then staff is next. And it is your staff that is seen in the forefront of what you have created. It is vital to make sure they look good, feel great and feel the part of something special.

Your company’s image is key to attracting new and potential customers. And this is vital to see the business grow. Help your brand make a positive first impression. From your staff’s appearance to visual merchandising of your salon, shop, office or work place. We are here to help with over 20 years of professional experience in personal styling, visual merchandising, retail and sales. 

We can provide workshops, presentations, one-to-one and group training on

  • Personal Styling
  • Corporate Image
  • Corporate Styling for staff members
  • Personal Grooming & MakeupFor more information on individual and bespoke package prices email me or call 07792852233

Retail Personal Styling Training

We know what it takes to turn a business round and have helped countless companies for the last 20 years. Ask yourself a few questions. Are your staff keen to approach customers confidently? Do you offer a personal styling service? Have your staff had professional personal styling training? Are your staff meeting targets? Would you like to see more profits? Are your staff fired up each day to help your business grow? Do they have the skills to help customers look their best for any occasion? Are you getting repeat business? And do your staff look forward to work every day? If the answer is no to any of these We can help.

We can provide one-to-one and group training on

  • Teaching your staff all about approaching clients in the right way.
  • Valuable advice on personal grooming & image. How to give the best first impression.
  • The basics of pattern cutting & draping techniques to enhance body shapes.
  • Shaping & pining a garment for alteration services using variety of different technical skills.
  • Teaching them how to successfully style a customer with confidence & knowledge.
  • How to conduct a personal styling session from start to finish with insightful information.
  • How to pick out garments quickly that will flatter each body shape.
  • The ability to create required styles & looks given any specification.
  • How to accentuate customers best assets.
  • How to create a capsule wardrobes for each body shape.
  • Advise them how to up sell accessories. Benefiting the customer and the retailer.
  • Closing sales.
  • Visual Merchandising & turning ideas into revenue.
  • Self Growth.
  • The opportunity to develop sought after skills.
  • These skills will result in customer satisfaction, loyalty and more importantly revenue for your company to prosper and grow.This bespoke staff training is for you and your company. It will provide the key skills to deliver professional styling advice. In turn you and your staff will be more satisfied in delivering your customers with the highest quality service they expect.

Each and every fashion boutique or store is different. Understanding this, we will create a package to suit your business. your staff and your customers.

For more information on individual and bespoke package prices email call 07792852233