How To Shop In The Sales

The sales are in full swing and normally I hate them but if you love a spot of bargain hunting this post could help you along the rails! Knowing how to shop in the sales can sometimes a little frustrating. On the one hand you want to find as much as you can but, also you want to find items that will happily sit next to other garments, flatter your figure and make you feel special.

Sales shopping should be done mindfully. Don’t just shop for the sake of shopping. Really think how the item can and will reflect your style, body shape and the seasons ahead. Pick up items that will enhance your entire wardrobe for a few seasons not just that week.

I am one of those girls that invest in timeless classics. Yes most of my accessories are on the higher end, but they will last a lifetime and add the finishing touch to what could be a very cheap outfit. But you can create amazing looks from sales purchases. You just need a little help to find great items amongst a lot of unnecessary rubbish.

By adding stunning accessories to any January sales purchases it will help you save a bundle in the long run. Look for capsule items that can be handed down to your children to love too! BUT…..if you need to add a few essentials and don’t want to break the bank I have a few tips.

How To Shop In The Sales Guide

  1. Find a good day bag like a tote. This will enable you to update an outfit in a second. I love Mulberry’s Chanel’s or Prada’s but if your shopping on a budget Zara have some incredible lookalikes. Try to avoid brightly coloured cheaper items. Stick to classic colours like black, greys, tans and dark browns. These will look way more expensive and will probably go with a ton of looks.
  2. One good evening bag is better than 10 cheap ones. Invest in one good quality clutch that can be turned into a shoulder bag. look for classic shapes and good hardware.
  3. Make sure you invest in good quality jewellery that doesn’t tarnish. faded and grubby chains will let an entire ensemble down totally.
  4. Pick up good quality footwear in the sales. This is a key time to find a bargain. Look for summer shoes that can be pulled out later in the year. I once found the most beautiful designer flat sandals for £10! Have an open mind about seasons!
  5. Invest in a steamer in the sales. Like this little hand held garment steamerto give your clothes that just out of the dry cleaners feel. You will see even the toughest creases in the cheapest clothes disappear before your very eyes. This will instantly make them look more expensive. You will use this all year round trust me. Mine sits in my closet ready to be used nearly everyday.
  6. Invest in clear plastic accessory and shoe boxes in the sales. They can be very expensive if you own a lot of shoes. Never leave shoes to their own devices as you really are asking for disaster. The crumpled toe look has never been in fashion and I really do hope it never will be.
  7. Grab at least 4 pairs of good quality opaque black tights like Woolford as they do amazing deals in the sales. Quality really does shine through. They will last and last for years.
  8. Find good undergarments in the sales. I always invest in the best well fitting and flattering underwear. Your foundations are the most important thing about getting dressed everyday! This might sound like a very boring thing to do in the sales but underwear prices will be slashed up to 75% off. Trust me as it will help your confidence in the long run. I do believe that nearly all new garments should have their own designated underwear too!!
  9. Its always a good idea to ask a member of staff about their sales return policies. Before you head out shopping make a check list of items you need. Try to stick to it religiously or you will only end up purchasing things you really don’t need, and possibly not be able to return them.
  10. Lastly, and my own go to accessory option when all else fails grab a stunning designer red lipstick. If you do only one thing, this will make your dullest of outfits really special.

Have fun in the sales and I hope these little tips will help you pick up some amazing bargains along the way!