My Evening Relaxation Routine

Being such a busy girl recently I need to have time to switch off in the evenings. I need time to heal my body as much as possible. If you have read my previous blog post all about 'What The Health' you will understand my need for inner calm. My Evening Relaxation Routine has been the same for years. I find down time very important.

Relaxation is as important as sleep. Sleep is food for the skin and when your skin looks great you feel totally invincible. I have a lovely little evening routine I stick to a few times a week, even if I'm going out for the evening I tend to do this routine to relax my mind, my body and re-boot. 

My Evening Relaxation Routine

Here is my relaxation routine for you to try at home! I try to do this at least twice a week for the ultimate nights sleep or to just have some me time. 

After I finish work and kick off those heels and my husband is watching a film, I run a nice hot bath, grab my iPad and sink into the tub.

  1. I add 2 cups of Epsom salts and the finest relaxing and soothing bath oils. Epsom salts are an essential part of caring for the body. They are packed with magnesium and help with muscle pain. They flush out toxins, help maintain calcium levels in the body, relives stress and Improves the absorption of nutrients. They create a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity. For the best results I soak for around 20 minutes twice a week and check out all my favourite blogs or vlogs.
  2. I light my favourite candle and lower the lights. I always buy good quality candles that don’t contain any nasty chemicals.
  3. I take off all my makeup and apply a face mask while I wallow in the bath with my iPad.
  4. I then use a natural salt scrub in the bath to exfoliate all the dead and unwanted skin cells, revealing new soft silky skin.
  5. After my bath I gently pat my skin dry being careful not to stimulate my circulation as I want to unwind. Then I apply a dry body oil. 
  6. I then apply a good amount of Advanced Night Repair to my face and neck as I do every night of the week. Hyaluronic acid is key to keeping skin hydrated, and this particular night serum is packed with the stuff and really works. It’s one of my youthful secrets! If I'm not going to bed and I'm pampering myself before a night out I will pop on a little Victoria Beckham primer as its the ultimate in luxury.
  7. Then I religiously oil my nails. I also do this every night without fail.
  8. I then Slip into a fresh pair of pyjamas or a pretty pair of shorts and a tank top along with a cosy cardigan. 
  9. I then grab a good book or magazine, cuddle a furry friend and I’m nearly ready to hit the hay. The combination of great bath oils and Epsom salts will have me drifting off before I know it!
  10. My last tip is that I take magnesium and L-Tryptophan as they are natural sleep inducing supplements.
My Evening Relaxation Routine

I try to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or emails at least 2-3 evenings a week. They stimulate the brain way too much before sleepy time. 

If I need to do any writing for my business this is when I would grab my journal and make a list of jobs, work related things or events coming up that needs my attention. 

Its my recipe for the best nights sleep you will ever have…..Guaranteed!!

I’m now all ready to read a good book (not social media) before I turn out the lights. Or have a little nap before getting all dressed up and heading out for a weekend treat. I find that having a little down time really can do you wonders. Its like having a mini spa session in the comfort of your own home. Give this routine a go and let me know if any of my tips have helped you get to sleep more eficiently!