Hack Of The Week - How To Remove Polish

I've worked backstage at countless fashion shows doing the nails for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Vivian Westwood and Stella Mccartney and one of the biggest hurdles is how to remove polish and more importantly how to do it quickly without creating a total mess. Removal and reapplication of polish is simple when you know how!

It can always be daunting when the models turn up with the dreaded goth nail. My all time essential beauty time saving hack is for ladies that love their deep dark reds, delicious sultry pinks or even vampy blacks and hate colour changes. I have the most incredible nail polish removal tip for you!

Hack Of The Week - How To Remove Polish

The best way to get that dark nail polish off is to use your cuticle oil on your proximal nail fold, the bit of skin that everyone thinks is the cuticle and should never be cut btw!

Pop in a generous amount of the cuticle oil, around the dry skin, then place a clean cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover on the nail and press down firmly. Hold for about 5 seconds, then wiggle from side to side as you wipe and pull off the colour.

You will have a clean polish free nail plate with no staining to the skin! A simple but really effective little beauty hack for the busy girl. 

Every girl needs to know this essential time saving hack! This tip is one that I use time and time again, every day!