How To Accessorise like A Professional

I'm in the process of decluttering my wardrobe and only having a neutral selection of classic, basic and capsule clothes with a few wild cards thrown in for each season! For me it's all about making sure my key items for that season are well thought out and my accessories are on point! Knowing how to accessorise like a professional is one of the best lessons you can learn.

Gone are the days when we all have an extravagant array of old worn out items that held memories that we just don't wear. If it won't fit bin it and by all means keep the beautiful dress you wore when you got engaged but only if it looks classic, fits perfectly and is in great condition. 

How To Accessorise

The main style rule is we need are a select amount of items that suit our body shape, our lifestyle and our personalities. Yes keep the old items, but only if they can be updated very easily with a couple of new accessories. That's the key to being stylish. So with that said I have some really useful tips to help you with your styling. 

How To Accessorise Like A Professional Guide

Belts are getting wider, necklaces are getting a modern twist and sunglasses are a key element to every outfit. The quirkier the better and the more visually they make a statement the more we need to embrace them. 

Sunglasses are becoming one of the main elements of an outfit. They are gaining weight in the fashion fighting ring. Not only are they in every shape, colour and size, they are having a huge impact on every look we are seeing going down the runway.

Sunglasses are your new nemesis. Not having a suitably lavish pair to flaunt could be you downfall if your a serious fashion follower or fashion blogger.

How To Accessorise

Accessories don't stop there girls. Nails, and you knew I was going to say this didn't you! We need to remember our nails. We are seeing colour blocking over the next few seasons so it's high time to do the same with nails once again. Wear that red dress, have red nails and red toes. Opt for Khaki sunglasses get those fingertips manicured to match your shades!  

Whatever occasion you are dressing for you need to have a clear idea of what accessories you will be adding. I love to work around an accessory to create the total look. I have been doing this since I was very young. 

Remember your key items. Sunglasses, Belts, bags, Hats, nails and shoes need special attention for the next few seasons. 

If you need help with styling and a wardrobe cleanse yourself make sure to contact me as I have a wonderful colleague that can help you. Isobel and myself are launching The Stylist London very soon. Its a fresh new personal styling website filled with inspiration, education and styling services. 

For more information on beauty, nails, makeup and personal grooming please feel free to contact myself over at or for education and styling check out The Stylist London for any personal styling advice or assistance. We are always on hand and keen to help you in any way!