Personal Grooming Guide

Personal grooming is such a huge part of life. You only get one chance to set an impression and it happens within the first 30 seconds of someone meeting you, seeing your social media or website. Did you know most people look at your makeup, nails, outfit and shoes before they appreciate you as a person?

If you're in the service industry, a business woman, a fashion blogger or trying to get that perfect job I have some basic but incredible tips and tricks for you.

Personal Grooming Guide

1. Your personal appearance when tweaked will set you aside from the rest - if you get it right you will be remembered for all the right reasons. First impressions mean everything. So make sure your hair is looking its best. get a good haircare regime underway. I recommend a weekly Olaplex treatment to keep your hair in the best condition of its life. It's one of the most incredible hair innovations in the last 3 years. 

2. Your manicure speaks volumes and so does the finishing touches like your makeup. I'm always educating my clients and students this on a regular basis to keep their nails in tip top order. 

3. Look at the little details in an overall outfit theme. Then try to incorporate a matching or clashing colour to your nails, bag, belt or shoes. If one of my clients is off to an event what question do you think I ask? I ask them all the time about the colours and clothing they will be wearing! This way we can truly create a work of art in the final look! It's these details that get noticed more than you could possibly imagine. 

Personal Grooming Guide

4. When I'm working in groups with students, brands or businesses I put a great deal of emphasis on less is more. Learning to apply makeup in a simple professional way will not only save you time in the long run but you will also learn how to bring out the best in your features. So my tip is don't ever over do makeup. You might be surprised at how little you need to look beautiful.

5. Learning how to create that simple but tricky black feline flick will help you learn to love looking good everyday. All it takes is a few professional tricks, a little practice and you will master the cat eye whenever you need to look polished. I love to do a thin line using a high end product like Clarins instant liner. Start at the inner corner and draw a tiny little line where you want the flick to start. Then draw on the tail and join it up. Keep the brush loaded with product but not so much it spills everywhere. Making sure the brush is wet will stop those nasty little patchy, creases and dry lines forming.

6. Invest in a great skin primer Like Daniel Sandler's silky skin pro-finish face primer. Good products help you to look your best all day. If you can rely on your makeup looking good you will feel so much more confident and come across in a more professional manner. 

Personal Grooming Guide

7. Lastly my all time beauty hack is to purchase MyLash for perfect lashes. You would have no doubt heard me rave on about this product before. It takes about 6-12 weeks for your lashes to really lengthen but when they do you will have the most enviable lashes around. It can also be used for brows if your needing to grow them thicker and more luscious. 

For more information on beauty, nails, makeup and personal grooming please feel free to contact myself over at or for education and styling check out The Stylist London for any personal styling advice or assistance. We are always on hand and keen to help you in any way!