Finding My True Style

Recently I had a bit of a revamp in my wardrobe. My style is coming into force. It could be to do with the weather, having a holiday and time to sort out my rails, the need to layer or it might just be due to the fact I'm feeling more relaxed and at home within myself living back in Winchester. Whatever has happened I feel like I have stumbled upon my true style. More to the point I'm being true to myself for the first time in years.

Once and for all I feel like the real me. It could be to do with feeling better within myself on my new diet, or the fact I don't constantly feel tired or unwell. Whatever has come over me it's changed my focus in the last few days. 

Finding My True Style

I was hating everything in my closet for months. Various items that just didn’t feel right, look right or had been left with the tags on and unworn. All I was doing was grabbing my favourite vintage jeans, shirts and heels everyday above everything else. Then it occurred to me that this was in fact my all time favourite look. So I have wholeheartedly embraced the new relaxed me.

Finding My True Style

I had been so utterly frustrated with fashion over style. It's not always about high fashion items. I love to plan my outfits and I love creating looks. But having downsized when we moved it left my wardrobe a little bare. 

I had also been browsing fashion sites for style inspiration, buying online and not actually paying attention to my own personal needs. I was essentially loosing my own identity. I had little time to re-asses my closet as I've been so busy with work recently. I have made all manner of mistakes needing to replace items stupidly given away by mistake or on a whim.

Also a lot of the clothes that ended up in my wardrobe had been left over from photoshoots or beautiful items sent to me for features on my old blog when I got a lot of free clothes living in London. I couldn't bare to send them to charity when they were so pretty. I'm not actually a big fan of everyday pretty. So this was utterly crazy to keep them above having space for really loved essential items, new or old.

It broke my heart this week to part with some of the items, but they had to go. I found myself in the middle of a pile of clothes, shoes and handbags on the bed thinking 'When will I ever wear these again" Girls you sometimes really need to just have a moment and throw it all in one spagetti of a mess, roll up your sleeves and wade right in! 

Finding My True Style
Finding My True Style

Yes every girl loves to get dressed up in a beautiful outfit or a cocktail number for incredible events. But when that wardrobe is taking up 3/4 of your actual space in a smaller (but lovely) new apartment it's time to take stock of your garments. 

Having a week off has done wonders for my personal style, my confidence, the space in my wardrobe and the charity shops near me. 

Shoes, bags, elaborate event dresses, old faded and un loved items are now hanging somewhere other than my wardrobe that I share with husband. I have invested in finding my true style. I have essentially given myself a wardrobe detox!

So this is the real me. No more fancy, smancy outfits. Just my true style as inspiration from now on. It feels really cathartic to take stock of your wardrobe. I really have had a mid life revamp in more ways than one in the last few days and I can't wait to share all my true style basics with you! I have picked up a couple of really statment items along the way, it wouldnt be me if I didn't!

I'm wearing New Zara blazer, H&M camisole, Vintage Cheap Monday Jeans, H&M heels, Modalu bag (old) RayBan sunglasses, Oliver Bonas bangles & Gucci Love Bangle. 

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Sarah Bacchus