Arbonne Genius Ultra Nightly Resurfacing Pads

Arbonne Genius Ultra Nightly Resurfacing Pads

Another skincare discovery has been made! Arbonne's genius ultra nightly resurfacing pads! These beauties are vegan, gluten free, dermatologically tested and work with specific skincare science. The botanical retinoid solution states that this product will dramatically reduce the look of dark spots and fine lines. From the first day I started using these little pads I really noticed a huge difference in the softness of my skin. To the point where I made Ian my husband try one after he was complaining his skin felt a little tired, rough and dull. Just one mind you as I'm not sharing these babies for the love of toffee! His response was the same as mine, he loved them!

The resurfacing pads contain advanced skincare ingredients specifically to improve the skins softens and cell turnover. You are guaranteed to see a reduction in fine lines all thanks to the Phytinol.

Along with the other ingredients they contain retinoids to help reduce the appearance of skin discolouration. You know those those pesky old lady dark spots we get as we age! I like to call then sun spots not age spots! The retinoids help enhance your skin tone and even out the the fine lines. 

I have continued to use the pads along with the RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum for a about a week and seen wonderful results. My skins texture looks so much smoother when I wake up in the morning. With a lustrous even toned glow. The pads have clinically proven results within 3 days, yes 3 days! I knew I wasn't going mad!

My Results With Arbonne Genius Ultra Nightly Resurfacing Pads

  1. They seriously have improved the firmness and elasticity of my skin in just one week. They recommend you use them for at least 2 weeks before you really see a difference. But the benefits I've seen really quickly. I've been using then religiously for about 7 days and although I'd never normally blog about a product before 28 days has passed I find myself sitting here needing to write about these miracle little pads. 
  2. The resurfacing pads contain an active solution which removes dead, rough skin, old makeup and allows the absorption of the formula‚Äôs conditioners and soothing botanical ingredients. I've been appalled at how dirty my skin has been after cleansing alone. Every time I've used them I've seen so much dirt come off my face! I'm now wondering if I've ever really had totally clean skin! 
  3. They have really helped to reduce those nasty age spots. 
  4. My makeup is gliding on more beautifully in the mornings.
  5. I've noticed that my foundation lasts without creasing.
  6. They contain Mandelic acid that encourages cell renewal so this means wrinkles and fine lines diminish. And I can actually say I've seen a huge difference in my little lines! I look after my skin so well and drink tons of water, I keep alcohol to a minimum and only drink on special occasions so when I see a change I'm very excited to share a product. 

Arbonne Genius Ultra Nightly Resurfacing Pads Tips

  1. Pour the entire bottle of the Nightly Resurfacing Solution over the pads and secure the lid. Always keep the lid on when not in use.
  2. Use after cleansing on dry skin.
  3. Use an upward and outward motion over the entire face. I use the pads just like a gentle exfoliation scrub.
  4. I pay close attention to the delicate eye area. I do use them but very softly.
  5. I then continue with with the rest of my evening skincare regime. 
  6. I always apply a factor 50, sometimes factor 100 sunscreen in the morning. Even in winter as the suns rays are always filtered through the clouds. It's always best to care for your skin from the sun no matter what season.

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