4 Things About Your Nails You Never Knew

Your nails are part of any finishing outfit. They are as important as your stunning accessories, and shouldn't be overlooked. But I have 4 things about your nails you never knew. Ask yourself how much do you really know about them? 

4 Things About Your Nails You Never Knew
  1. Cuticles Are Not What You Think They Are. Although many manicurists will remove what they think is the cuticle, and this is really wrong. The skin that you think is called the cuticle is actually the proximal nail fold and plays a vital role in protecting you from infection. So say goodbye to cuticle clipping or picking. This will allow bacteria to penetrate into the protective seal called eponychium at the bottom of the nail bed. This will allow moisture and all that nasty, grubby bacteria into your matrix (root of the nail) and also into your body. This will lead to infections, damage, pain, swelling and in some cases permanent problems with your nails bed and the shape of your nails.
  2. Nails are made of 100's of layers of dead hard keratin, the same as hair. Its all dead cells that are produced by the body at their roots. Once they are beyond the root they are made up of microscopic cells that are very porous. This means that they can absorb water very easily and over time substances like finely ground nut oils and ointments. It will take a nail about 5 weeks to fully absorb oils etc if used twice a day. They are fascinating things and if they are magnified up to 2000's you can see tiny little holes. Due to their density though its good to remember that when applying any products like oils it will take a few weeks to notice a difference. 
  3. On average it takes nails six months to grow from the half moon (thats the exposed root) to the tip. and 12 months for your toes. If you are thinking of growing your nails long and strong this is a good idea to keep this in mind. But when your on holiday the sun helps your body create the vitamin D, and that helps your nails to grow more quickly. Not much faster but enough for you to notice a little change.
  4. Nails Grow Faster on Your Dominant HandThe reason for this is that the dominant hand gets more blood flow to the root. That hand naturally has more movement and in turn has more blood flow stimulated to the growth area. More blood flow equals more cells, more cells means more growth.