Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With 

What is your dream, what are your ambitions and who are you surrounding yourself with? Find the right people to share your dreams with and life will take on wonderful shapes! Trust me....

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Trudy

I recently had a friend come under attack by close quarters, family to be precise. She was mocked for who she was, how she went about her work and how she’d created a name for herself and her business. She loves what she does, she helps others and inspires so many woman everyday. She’s a real go getter. So why did she have anyone running her down, putting a dampener on her fire and letting her feel so utterly terrible for being so giving and believing in herself in the process. Mocked for self promotion and told she needed to hold back! 

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With

I so believe it’s all due to jealously and she’s doing getting out there doing what she loves more than what these others do or have accomplished. 

We all must have a few of these people in our lives who tell us to not share what we have done, what we can do or what we can help others with. If not right now but we all have had those negative people in our lives. Theses people are generally the ones that tell you to stop doing so much for others, but they actually take the most. If not things they take your zest for life and sap your energy. I'd not go so far as call them toxic, but they have the potential to become that way if you let them.

These individuals are the ones that are happy to have the light shine on them via the efforts of others. And in some cases they will go out of their way to make themselves look more important and more giving when it’s really not the case. Putting others in a different light and dulling their shine. Then in the process allowing their light shine brighter when they are actually not really worthy of praise and admiration. Sadly when it’s family it’s harder to walk away and rebuild your confidence. 

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With

I’ve been flabbergasted at how sad my friend become, she was so consumed with negativity in one small conversation that she had to hold herself together but crumbled from within and then sobbed on her own for hours. If you're a creative soul I feel we have all been there and had to hold back and not retaliate. The thing is, we just wouldn't as it's not in our nature to be so damaging. Us creatives prefer to avoid confrontation and dum down.  

Have you been there? Have you felt drenched with ridicule and self doubt due to someone’s option of how you should live your life, how you work or the dreams you hold?

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With, Fashion blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Sarah Bacchus,

Focus on the positivity you receive from the ones that praise you, ones that genuinely believe in you and love you!! Don't waste energy on people that don't understand or appreciate you for you. 

Unfortunately it’s those people that will try and dim your light, that will try to damage and hurt your soul that we all too often try to impress and seek approval from. I’ve been there many a time and it’s times like this when you see it happen to someone else you see yourself so clearly within that other person. You feel for them and want to say just walk away and don’t worry about their opinion. 

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With, Fashion blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Sarah Bacchus,

These takers might do things without thinking and with no real purpose other than to share THEIR option but it’s those unconscious people who have no idea what they are going on about.

"They are not you, and you are not them. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr Seuss

But this really hurts a genuine person as we take things to heart. If you are one of these people rejoice as you my darling are a people pleaser and it’s a good thing. Their is nothing wrong with being proud of it either! 

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With, Fashion blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Sarah Bacchus,

So I say to all of you people pleasers shine bright my darlings YOU are all AMAZING and its LOVE that you share. 

Inwardly laugh at the nay sayers for being so narrow minded and ugly within their hearts and souls, why? Because they are not truly happy with their lot in life and don’t have the door to contentment that opens easily for them. And you my friend hold the key that they so desperately desire. You are most probably someone doing what they love and following your dreams. Don't get cross with them as it's not their fault. They are not using their special gift or are too scared to try.

The Universe will have your back and these minor set backs will enable you to be stronger. The real lesson in life to learn is that you have felt the negativity and have grown from it. They might not even realise you understand what they are doing and that is a great gift in itself. They most probably need you more than you need them too! 

Also remember that people also put down what they believe they could never achieve themselves. Their minds won’t let them be proud or impressed by others skills, talents or be supportive. What they see is a waste of time others will admire and say great things.

We all see the man who runs down the flash car one of his friends’s mainly due to his lack of self belief that he could one day own a great automobile just like it, so he has to deliver words to back up his dislike. It comes down to jealousy a lot of the time.

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With, Fashion blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Sarah Bacchus,

Now go and fix that crown and find the right people to share your dreams with. Those that not only support you, but uplift and inspire you!! I have learnt this along the way and if anyone crosses my path that operates that mentality towards me I'm polite but I will graciously walk away. I will still be kind but I won't go out of my way to help them. 

Use the negativity off the takers, uglies and haters to fuel your passion and inner fire to help your star to shine as bright as the sun and unlock more than one door! 

Find The Right People To Share Your Dreams With, Fashion blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Sarah Bacchus,

If you have read this and are disgruntled it’s unfortunate but you just might have read into this as a guilty party. You might just see an ugly side to your character. It’s can change! Let others shine, you just concentrate on your own dreams and let others walk their own beautiful path!

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