Body Reform Program

Something that I have been working rather hard on recently is myself! I am feeling really amazing right now and it's all down to self care. The type of care we all tell ourselves we should adopt, you know the kind that we normally never get round to doing anything about! I had a huge wake up call about 6 weeks ago and I wasn't happy at all. I had a long inner chat with myself and it transpired I was miserable. Not happy with work, my relationships, my home life (or lack of) my me time, my body, what I was pouring my energy into and more importantly how I was dealing with stress in unhealthy ways. I decided it was time to start the Body Reform Program

So I hit the stop button and learnt to say a big fat no to the things in my life that had a negative impact on my health and my mental wellbeing. I wanted to get back to how I felt 18 months ago when I was in a stronger mindset with a stronger body. Not! I wanted to be strong in every way possible. 

The secret to being healthy isn't that hard but we can get sucked into the diet industry and I feel this is wrong. Having had issues with my figure when I was younger I feel that the importance in life should be revolved around heathy eating, healthy lifestyle and the need to be physically the best version of yourself. Not try to change what we have but be able to use the body like a well oiled machine. And it's not about the size of ones waist, legs or buttocks! With self care in the kitchen and regular exercise we all can achieve the best body and mind if you have the drive to do so.

The Ultimate Body Formula, Model Sarah Bacchus, Winchester photographer, beauty guru, personal stylist, 

I have discovered the balance with a little help from a wonderful lady called Colette Pienaar. Colette is the creator of an amazing system called The Body Reform Program and she's a true guru when it comes to feeling great not just looking it!

She has helped so many women just like me, who want to feel really happy everyday with what they see in the mirror. Don't get me wrong I love my body but when it wasn't working properly I needed to find someone to help. 

I love life and I wanted to be pain free, not suffer with unbearable tummy problems and feel normal. I wanted to take total control of my body and mind in the process. I also wanted to be in the best shape to do my job as well as I could. I wanted to be happy going to the gym knowing I was helping myself without wasting my valuable time.  

The Ultimate Body Formula, Model Sarah Bacchus, Winchester photographer, beauty guru, personal stylist, 

With her help I have altered my lifestyle and begun living properly for my body and blood type. I have changed the way I look at stress, food and my health. My mindset is on track in a totally new way. I have banished all the stresses including work related niggles and I'm feeling on top of the world for the first time in about 2 years. I had all the supplements and resources at hand from Colette to help me. And now I can continue this wonderful journey with you too! I'm planning on more blog posts around health and fitness as its a huge part of my life once again. 

My journey has been very personal but easy enough. I did hit a few problems and one that I have yet to overcome, but saying that what I have done might help some of you.

The Ultimate Body Formula, Model Sarah Bacchus, Winchester photographer, beauty guru, personal stylist, 

Have a read and if you love what you hear get in touch with her as she's one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You can contact Colette by the power of the internet as she mainly works via Skype calls! Easy as anything to fit it into your working life!

Here is a list of the main offenders Colette sugests we all need to understand properly and essentially give up to look our best.

Diet drinks

Diet and diet products just don’t hold the secrets to keeping slim I promise you. The more diet food and drink you consume the more your body goes haywire. Besides, these companies don’t want you to get skinny, they like making money out of you! Simple when you think.

Diet soda is one of the biggest culprits. You drink it saving a few hundred calories but your brain thinks you have consumed energy, so a few hours later your starving. You then go for a diet yogurt thats low fat and full of Aspartame. Again the brain surges with chemicals and you’re insulin levels are all over the place. gain weight. 


Drinks and food with real sugar are next on the hit list. It's the sugar in food that makes us put on weight not the good fats in our diet (and sugar is terrible for the skin as it ages us) I’m constantly told I look so young. I hardly ever consume any sugar and I never really have so giving up sugar wasn't a real problem for me. 

Diet low fat food is packed with sugar, just go look at the label. Its time to cut down on the sugar and learn to love water with a slice of lemon or a strawberry for flavour. 

Processed Food

Over processed foods such as margarine are terrible, full of additives, taste dreadful and to be honest look plastic. Olive oil is better for keeping slim as it is a good source of carbohydrate has no additives, if you don’t understand what’s in your food why eat it. These labels are misleading. Google some of the ingredients and you will be horrified.

Carbohydrates are essential for producing energy and cutting out this food group will send you’re insulin levels very low and again the body will be deprived. You’re body needs good unprocessed foods and good fats to actually help burn unwanted body fat efficiently so we don’t store it, and we all know where it goes to, all the unwanted places!

One of the main reasons ladies store fat on their tummies and hips is because the body places it there when it thinks a food drought is coming. It cleverly does this because we are put on earth to procreate, if you became pregnant you will then have stores of energy for a baby! So the key is not to starve yourself or you will get bigger in the places I doubt you want it!

We need to be sensible and help our bodies function well, so never over do anything. That’s just crazy! Good country cooking with real ingredients is the only way your body will ever be stable. No faddy diets just good old fashioned food… country bumpkin stuff. The main message I’m sending you is cut out the processed rubbish!


Alcohol and treats like Champagne and wine are wonderful but not all the time, not every night. Too much alcohol is another key factor that most diets dont work as It makes the blood sugar levels soar and dip. Making the liver work overtime, so be sensible and drink less. Or as Colette advises cut it out altogether.

You’re skin will look so much better as alcohol is very ageing. It's loaded with sugar and that plays havoc with collagen levels. Take my advice and give alcohol the boot and you will loose a few inches off the waistline in the process. 

Water is the bodies best friend and incredible for keeping slim. I drink at least 6-8 glasses of fizzy water each day and add apple cider vinegar to it as its a wonderful cleansing drink. It's my total favourite tipple in the evening. I have actually given up alcohol totally as it really makes me so unwell sometimes even after one glass of wine and would bring me out in the most dreadful rashes. So for me a glass of wine at the weekends isn't really a treat, its more of a huge stress on my overall health and wellbeing. I feel so great giving up, my skin is looking so clear, I sleep better, I get a lie in as alcohol really plays havoc with proper sleep patterns and repairing the body, I don't have hangovers at the weekend, I'm saving money for new shoes rather than buying a bottle of good wine on date night and above all I don't miss having nasty red blotchy skin to cover up or hide from people. I used to carry a long lasting high coverage foundation in my bag if I knew I would be out drinking with friends. Not a nice way to live at all! 


This is also very important for a healthy lifestyle, cut out the crap and move about more. For me I love yoga, going to the gym, doing weights as it keeps my core muscles in tip top condition. I'm a total gym bunny when I have the time and I have made sure I can fit my sessions in around my life. It's essential as my job requires me to be as fit as possible. Being infront of the camera as well as behind it modelling for brands is a big reason I love to stay toned.

Also camera, makeup and styling equipment can be rather heavy if I'm shooting on location. Running is good to and the best cardio for me is shopping, hours of walking about carrying bags! But in all seriousness ladies walking is one of the best forms of regular exercise you can get! 


This is one area I have struggled with on a daily basis but I'm trying to cut down. I have banished everything else with ease but my morning coffee is still keeping me captivated. Decaffeinated coffee is available, but it's best to find a Swiss filtered version as the process they put it through to remove the caffeine is highly toxic. I have yet to find one and my search continues!

The Ultimate Body Formula, Winchester personal stylist, Photographer, Model, Sarah Bacchus, 

So ladies give your body the chance it needs to be the best version of itself. You will start to see the lean figure you have always wanted and it will stabilise. You will also sleep better, have great skin and start to feel mentally stronger in no time at all! Colette was my inspiration so I hope I can be yours! 

*To understand how your individual body works effectively you do really need a consultation with Colette. Head over to her website HERE to check out the program.