The Style Bible - Weight Loss & The FIR Sauna Blanket

Health and wellbeing is at the forefront of my life and another thing I have been doing is using my FIR sauna blanket detox machine. I have been using my FIR Infrared Sauna Blanket on and off for the last 4 years. It makes me feel so ready for anything and has such a positive effect on my life. You know that feeling you get when you have been soaking up the suns rays, sunbathing by the pool and energising your core. Then you dash off, jump in the shower after you have been soaking up those beautiful rays then feel truly clean and refreshed. Well that’s how you will feel after using the FIR sauna blanket. The Style Bible - Weight Loss & The FIR Sauna Blanket article is finally here girls...I have been promising this fore weeks! 

Some of you will be saying to yourself "what the heck is a FIR Sauna Blanket" well it's basically a large silver body wrap that heats up rapidly and you slip into it like getting into a sleeping bag. All you have to do is lay back relax and let this cleaver machine detoxify the body of unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and break up fatty tissue deposits. 

FIR Sauna rays are the same as the sun without the damaging effects. Its fantastic for those who suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Just jump in the FIR Sauna blanket every other day for 30 min to an hour to feel invigorated with fresh clear looking skin. Sweating out all the nasty bacteria can only make you feel great.

It helps clear out blocked pours and cleanse my entire body from head to foot. I use the sauna blanket mainly after a workout in the gym, after a yoga session or before I have a bath every other evening (I do not use it every day) It helps me feel really relaxed and my skin feels incredibly clean and clear. I also sleep like a little baby!

I have been really paying attention to my face and body recently. Going to the gym, doing more yoga, giving myself regular facials, using good products, eating a very healthy diet and drinking lots of water. I'm doing more and more good things for my body and I'm feeling so great.

When you start using the FIR Infrared Sauna Blanket you really make an effort to eat healthier. The upside of all of this is that I'm feeling so confident and saying yes to more modelling jobs when they come in. I feel on form again and it's really showing in my day to day life.

FIR Sauna Blanket review, Sarah bacchus, Health & fitness, Fitness inspiration

SO WHAT IS A FIR SAUNA BLANKET?....Now I am going to get a bit technical on you! FIR sauna heat is different to normal heat as it radiates heat waves penetrating into the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone structure. Aiding your body to eliminate toxins and waste.

FIR stands for far infrared light or heat and is often seen as a muscular pain reliever. But this amazing heating system does way more than that! It benefits the user in so many more incredible ways. FIR infrared heat is renowned for its energising and deeply penetrative powers. Not only does it energise the body it enables the body to eliminate unwanted rubbish from the cells in your body. If you love yoga you will love this machine as it's just as powerful as many stress relieving positions and when used together it compliments the mind and body.

The FIR (infrared rays) has deeper penetrative powers than other heat sources achieving 4-5cm depths within the body in a very short time. When using the sauna blanket the head is not heated as it’s the same as using a snuggly sleeping bag. This allows you to really sweat it out without overheating. The sauna blanket I use has 360 degree full body coverage and is really comfortable to use. It does get hot but it feels really beneficial and I always look forward to the days when I use it. 

A FIR Sauna Blanket will also help lose pounds, inches, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. "How on earth does it do that" I hear you ask....It's similar to 3D Lypo (I’m fully trained and qualified in 3D Lypo) and before you ask no, I don't have a machine in my studio/salon. I trained a few years ago while working with a company near London and it's not cost efective, large and I hated using it!!! 3D Lypo is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that reduces body fat by destroying fat cells. 3D Lypo ruptures fat cells, turning the cells into liquid that then is carried away as waste. 

This is used in isolated areas around the body to help with inch loss and to target pockets of fat. But it costs a fortune and will have you running back and forth to the salon every week. And once you have had a treatment your lymphatic system will be working on overtime to rid itself of the destroyed fat and it’s imperative you don’t retox! So no alcohol or naughtiness. I'd go further to say you have to be really careful about what you consume while the lymphatic system does its job or the treatments just don’t work. I had the treatment when training a few times and I developed gallstones as my gallbladder was working stupidly hard and it made me very unwell for a year after I had the sessions. That was my own personal experience so it won't happen to everyone!! just wanted to put that out there. 

The FIR sauna blanket uses the same kind of science but is less invasive and won’t be so drastic on your life and wallet! So here is why I love my FIR sauna blanket. When the body or skin is heated to about 40 degrees the skin produces collagen to repair its cells. Then above 45 degrees it starts to melt fat cells and destroy unwanted toxins, cancer cells and all the bad stuff we need to rid ourselves of. The sauna blanket safely heats the core of the body’s fat cells and kinda subtly melts them along with harmful viruses and helps reduce blood pressure. 

It will also aid with reducing inflammation, ease muscle and joint pain, arthritis pain, headaches and help with insomnia. It helps clean the body of all the unwanted toxins and has also been proven to improve your mood. Just like a trip to a pricy health spas! 

FIR heat warms the body, increasing capillary blood flow. Increased capillary blood flow helps to carry more oxygen and nutrients to the cells and carry away metabolic cellular waste. Plus more nutrients to the skin means healthy glowing skin. I have found my skin has improved so much from using this machine.

Now all this goodness comes from vigorous sweating. But this also increases your heart rate, similar to that of moderate exercise and in one 45 min session you can burn off (sweat off) up to 600 calories without the harmful effects of hurting muscles! In fact it will help your workout sessions as it will prevent aches and pains if used after a trip to the gym! Or if you are feeling a little sore a day after a gym session.

I have noticed I have lost a few more inches off the dreaded love handles than I would have alone from doing a fitness plan. I have naturally slender arms and legs. My only problem areas are my tummy and those lovely lumps sitting around the sides! Easily hidden when you are a personal stylist like myself! Pain that they are it’s always good to be rid of them!!

I have seen an improvement over the last few weeks. When we exercise we sweat and as we sweat it uses up energy to produce it. Obviously we put back the liquid that’s been excreted but not the calories burned to produce this sweat. 

The Sauna Blanket uses FIR Infrared heat to help the body with weight loss. The use of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) thermal heat therapy is one of the most effective and scientific methods for weight loss or body sculpting. The Sauna Blanket uses radiant heat to reach hard to shift fat deposits like cellulite and break them up. Sweating that occurs from the Sauna Blanket helps remove this fatty waste from the body. Remember the best way to remove fat and cellulite is to diet and exercise. The Sauna Blanket is a great addition to help this process occur even faster.

FIR Sauna Blanket review, Sarah bacchus, Health & fitness, Fitness inspiration
FIR Sauna Blanket review, Sarah bacchus, Health & fitness, Fitness inspiration

For your first session I recommend that you wear a cotton dressing gown and a clean towel wrapped loosely around your feet. I find that having a barrier between my skin and the blanket the most comfortable way to use the machine. Start off with a 15 - 20 minute session to allow your body to acclimate to heat therapy. The best thing to do is to place the heat on a low-med temperature like 30-45 degrees and increase as your body tolerance allows. Make sure on your first time to set your controls to maintain a temperature that is comfortable for you. As your body becomes more heat-conditioned you may want to increase your time in the sauna blanket session to 45 minutes or increase the temperature. I can now use mine on 60 degrees for anything up to 90 minutes. Yes that sounds a long time but I am taking my arms in and out to drink water during this time and watch my favourite YouTubers! Now it's also really important to remain hydrated while you are in the blanket. I tend to keep a couple of bottles of water by my side when in my FIR sauna blanket. Either that or I have a nice long room temperature glass of water after a session to rehydrate. Room temperature as I want the heat to have an effect on my cells. 

Use the machine 3-4 times per week and should not be done on back to back days. This allows the body time to adjust and it also allows time for the dissolved fat to be excreted. You will then be astounded by what comes out of your skin and body! It's like having a really good exfoliation session from the inside out without even moving! It's by far one of the best investments I have ever made! I'm actually off to have a mini session this evening! Let me know if you purchase one and how you get on! They are fairly exspencive but you will see results (obviously you need to keep using it) in time and love how your skin feels afterwards. 


Medically Proven FIR Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

  1. Strengthens the cardiovascular system with deep Far Infrared penetration (up to 1.5″)
  2. Detoxifies heavy metals, hydrocarbon residues, alcohol, nicotine, sodium and cholesterol
  3. Aids liver detoxification.
  4. Weight loss. 
  5. Improves your immune system by sweating at a lower more comfortable temperature than a conventional hot sauna.
  6. Increases overall health and resistance to disease.
  7. Sharpens senses and relieves stress
  8. Improves skin tone. 
  9. Helps heal scars
  10. Improves acne, psoriasis and eczema conditions
  11. This sauna stimulates endorphins to the brain
  12. kills organisms like bacteria and parasites
  13. Purges heavy metals
  14. Increases metabolism and energy
  15. Internal cleansing with full body purge
  16. Hormone balancing
  17. Improves memory and aid restful sleep
  18. Improves blood circulation
  19. Enhances nutrition absorption and healing

*Please remember if you are suffering from any blood pressure problems to get medical advice before using the machine. They are very safe and can help with high blood pressure but its always great to get a check up before hand.

Individuals with Skin Disorders, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Haemophilia, Fever and Heat Sensitivity, Broken Bones, Implants, Defibrillator, Recent Surgical Patients, Pregnancy, or Individuals on Prescription medications should seek medical advice.

Individuals should not use this if sick, not feeling well, or have current headaches. Do not use this machine after eating.