The Style Bible - How To Feel More Confident

Beautiful underwear can make you feel a million dollars but how to feel more confident needs to come from within. To gain this said confidence you must learn some basic lessons in life. Starting with your mindset around your own body. Feeling proud about whatever shape or size you are isn’t done overnight. In many cases it takes a lifetime of adaption and acceptance. 

It’s been such a long struggle with my self esteem and my body confidence along with my tummies appearance after a major op a few years ago. I’ve so many scars on my tummy but I’ve learnt to love them as I’m alive. The one thing I have noticed in the last month that has really changed my perception around my body is that being healthy over self loathing really works wonders.

Cutting out all the crap in my life including unwanted stress has miraculously changed everything. It’s changed in such a huge way that suggests to me that diet isn’t the only thing that can help with self confidence. A healthy mindset is as important as what we eat or drink. But saying that I have a few really awesome things to share with you. My first blog post after a little time off is a goodun girls!

The Style Bible - How To Feel More Confident

I have had something that resembles a miracle and I feel so very lucky to have escaped the trap of looking in the mirror and just seeing scars or wrinkles. All I see now is a determined woman who it alive, about to launch a huge brand and a woman that really needed to put her health first to cope with the extremely busy year ahead. This miracle isn’t hard to accomplish and it’s happened to me by sheer chance.

The Style Bible - How To Feel More Confident

I hear you ask what on earth did I change? Five really easy things that you can also do and see incredible results. Not just for your figure but your mindset!

The Style Bible - How To Feel More Confident

  1.   The first thing you can do for your confidence is to take a look at your diet. Cut out the crap girls as this goes without saying. Eat crap and you will feel like shit! Cutting out lots of processed carbs and all sugar (yep all sugar including all alcohol) Swap your sugar intake for good fats. This will help with brain power and also it will help your skin improve 10 fold. I was recently asked if I had anything done like filler! None at all and I can also tell you that when you swap to fats over sugar you will loose weight! You will become fat adapted. It basically means your body knows how to use the fat you consume as fuel rather than glucose. Yes it sounds a bit scary at first but it does work. My fat intake each day is about 70g and that’s easier than going under the cosmetic knife any day! In the last 4 weeks I have dropped 2 dress sizes, my muffin tops have gone (my problem area being a rhubarb as I thought) I’m now seeing I’m actually a small hourglass and for the first time in years I have a waist. You will need to cut out all nasty carbs including bread, cakes, biscuits and packet foods. It’s easy when you get into it trust me. 

  2. Introduce intermittent fasting. This is an eating style where you eat within a specific time period, and fast the rest of the time. I do 8/12 basically I eat at about 12pm (lunchtime) and eat whatever I want that’s not loaded with carbs or sugar until about 8pm then stop. Though intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight, it's less a diet and more a lifestyle choice.

  3. Stop doing too much and stop worrying about pleasing everyone or more to the point stressing over what other think of you. This is a huge lesson for most of us and it’s one of the biggest things you can do for yourself in life and that’s to love and care for yourself first than to focus on others. Not the other way around. Try it for a week and see how you feel!

  4. Go to the gym and spa more often but done less. Now this has given me much more pleasure to be gentle and not to push myself to my limit. It takes less time and you will find you will actually enjoy it more. It has been easier not doing too much for others as now I have more me time. 

  5. Escapism. This is one of the best tools you can adopt in life. You can do this with eyes closed, looking at Pinterest, Instagram or creating a vision board. It’s your way of creating time to focus on your life, goals or just look at things that make you happy. It will lift your mood and help with your stress levels. I have me time or my escapism when I’m lying in the jacuzzi at the spa. I let my mind wander. It’s just bliss to sit back and take enjoyment out of doing nothing.

The Style Bible - How To Feel More Confident

Enjoy your week ladies and be happy within your own skin girls. One life, good health and a clear mindset is all that’s needed!

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