The Beauty Bible - Dyson Airwrap Review

I have been so keen to get my hands on the Dyson Airwrap and finally I have got my little mitts on one. Yes I might be a bit late to doing this Dyson Airwrap review but I do hope it will answer a few questions you might be having before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself.

From the moment I tested the Dyson Airwrap a few months ago I knew it had to be part of my everyday hair routine. I’m a girl who knows the traumas of bad hair and needing to keep it in tip top condition. I you haven’t heard of this device before the Dyson Airwrap styler essentially uses air to curl over direct heat like other usual curling tongs with a clamp. The dryer comes with various attachments meaning you can straighten, wave, curl and dry your hair all in one. The air basically wraps the hair magically around the barrel and all you have to do is hold out the strand you need styled. The air directs the hair softly around the device, seeing is believing! It creates the most incredible and voluminous curls and waves that are just like coming out of a salon.

This multi purpose styling tool is a whopping £450 (if like me you picked up the complete system) and that’s a huge chunk of cash to shell out in one hit. But is it worth it? In a nutshell yes. But, I would possibly only purchase either the smoothing or waving system depending on your hair type if I was you. I got the entire system as I’m always working with models for photoshoots so it means I have one tool and that’s all I really need on a usual day in the studio. If we need more elaborate hairstyles we do have other tools for more editorial photoshoots. As an everyday person you will love the Dyson Airwrap. All you need to do is work out if it’s worth paying for the total kit or not. 

The Style Bible Dyson Airwrap Review

The Dyson Airwrap tool is meant to be styled with damp hair but I have been using it most mornings to just revamp my dried hair and waves with a spritz of setting spray mixed with a bit of water. or not at all. I have also found that after my morning shower the once irritating damp hair look is no longer a problem. It’s actually beneficial. I also dry one side at a time as the tools barrels only work in one direction at a time. A really easy thing to get used to after a couple of days and it becomes like second nature by the end of a week.

The Style Bible Dyson Airwrap Review

I have really loved my easy mornings using this new device from Dyson. With the combination of an extremely powerful airflow and controlled heat settings along with a cool shot means that you can restyle your hair most mornings without a full shampoo and condition meaning your hair won’t get dried out, have unnecessary heat damage, be stressed or need cutting as much, music to my ears!

Now although it states it can style and dry at the same time with no extreme heat the hottest setting can’t rather hot. I have been using it on the medium heat and it works just fine. I would use the hot setting when wanting a mega blow out but I would shy away from using it on the hottest setting everyday. Obviously always use a heat protector spray and good hair products ladies as that goes without saying.

The Style Bible Dyson Airwrap Review

The only downside to this styling product is with the drizzly weather we are having in the U.K I have found my hair drops a little quicker. But if it means my hair isn’t subjected to direct damaging heat then I’m willing to forgive it. It also means all thats needed it a quick blast to refresh my style. And then all I do is give it a quick once over and I don’t even turn off the dryer as I go! It won’t even tangle a strand of hair as its all propelled by air! It’s bloody brilliant!

To round things up and sum it up for you…I can’t live without this amazing device now I have been using it for over a week. What will they come up with next! It’s just awesome! 

Featured product: The Dyson Airwrap was bought with my own money