The Style Bible - Vintage Leather Jacket

We all need staples like a good pair of ankle boots, a blazer and vintage leather jacket. I always opt for vintage when purchasing leather goods now as I have become so aware of sustainable fashion and cruelty to animals. It’s something that’s become very close to my heart launching a vegan nail brand very soon. We don’t have to purchase new leather goods when there’s a mountain of incredible items on eBay, in charity shops and can ones that need adopting!

A good leather or faux leather is one of those key styling pieces we all need in our closets coming into spring and summer. They are always in fashion, they look incredibly stylish with anything and most of us have one in our closets. But what about finding a little gem on eBay. 

The Style Bible - Vintage Leather Jacket

I'm not sure about you, but my vintage leather jacket collection is growing rapidly as I love to find different styles I can throw on to make even a mediocre outfit look cool. 

There's no denying that they really manifest (love that word) any outfit and the leather jacket’s relevance in history is unsurpassed. Finding a vintage leather jacket with a story to tell is far too incredible for words. If you manage to find one, own and cherish it. There's always a little room for new ways to style the classic one off. 

Check out the vintage leather jacket section on eBay and if you don’t find anything you like just yet pop the search into your saved area and whenever someone uploads an item you will be notified!

The Style Bible - Vintage Leather Jacket

The Style Bible - Vintage Leather Jacket Outfit Tips

  1. Always keep the rest of the look really paired down when it comes to the basics. I have styled this look with cropped jeans to balance the cropped jacket.

  2. Add a flash of colour with accessories like my pink sock boots. They add a little modern dram to what could easily become too vintage inspired.

  3. Don’t go over the top with other items. This look could get totally ruined if I added too much into the mix.

  4. Style your vintage jacket with up to the moment garments to really help balance the story you are trying to tell.

  5. Always look at your outfit as a way of expressing how you feel on certain days. I mix my style from rock chic to floral and floaty depending on my mood. It’s a formula that works for me.

The Style Bible - Vintage Leather Jacket

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Sarah Bacchus