The Style Bible - Buying Vintage T-Shirts Guide

I’ve always been a rock band T-shirt, jeans or smart trousers kinda girl for years. My secret to getting the right kind of tee is purchasing and styling vintage t-shirts from the mens section on eBay. For you die hard style fans this means it’s time to stock up.

The Style Bible - Buying Vintage T-Shirts Guide

Rock band T-shirts are fairly cheap, durable, look incredible when they are past their sell by date and most importantly, don’t require fussy laundering or ironing. I’m not a massive fan of the ironing board and neither is my little dog Amber. She’s terrified of the darn thing so I’ve taken this as a sign not to iron too much! 

The Style Bible - Buying Vintage T-Shirts Guide

I love the look of a crisp white blouse, but it’s all too much sometimes faffing about getting it looking oh so perfect. I’m not perfect so why does my darn shirt need to be in the process. I own mostly vintage silk shirts mainly due to them needing to be dry-cleaned. I do think the hubbie has cottoned on to this by now as the ironing board in our household isn’t used much at all. It’s a little like the ever so elusive bread maker, stuck in a cupboard. 

So the trick to looking great in a tee girls is to head to the mens section. I personally purchase a size medium as I love to have a little room. I do the stylish front tuck and leave a little out at the sides. It also means the back looks more stylish and sits perfectly. I’m no size warrior and I’m always advising my clients to wear clothing that feels good over the size label.

The Style Bible - Buying Vintage T-Shirts Guide

The Style Bible - Buying Vintage T-Shirts Guide

  1. Size up when purchasing mens vintage t-shirts. vintage sizes are very different from todays pattern blocks.

  2. Look for bundles as you might be surprised how many items you can pick up for a few pounds

  3. Always check that its from a seller thats not selling vintage “Style” band t-shirts if you want an authentic rock chic item. I sway towards the true vintage garments as I’m a advocate of sustainable style over fast fashion these days. just type in “true vintage” to find these items

  4. Have a look at the other items the seller has listed to get a feel for their service. I always check their sales history to be on the safe side too.

  5. Feel free to message them if you have any questions and don’t worry about how many questions you want to ask! It’s your hard earned cash your spending at the end of the day so just get out of your comfort zone!

I hope thats helped a few of you when it comes to buying second hand rock band or slogan t-shits online. eBay is a wonderful and stylish place if you know how to shop!

Lots of love and I will see you all again soon love Sarah xxx

Sarah Bacchus