The Style Bible - The Red Suit

My go to look for those days when I have stuff to be done, I’m running to meetings or personal styling sessions is a throw on a good power suit. Those days normally consist of lots of errands, trudging about on public transport or just needing to feel chic but savvy. Whenever I’m in any about about what to wear I head towards a suit for just that type of occasion. I have although never found the red suit of my dreams. Don’t they say “when in doubt wear red’ It’s taken me over 2 years to actually find the right one. 

The Style Bible - The Red Suit

When I’m in any doubt about looking stylish I have become partial to wearing a touch of red with all manner of looks. It has become one of my all time fashion shades in the last few years. It looks darn amazing with practically every other shade on the spectrum. Just think about it…pink, orange, green, purple, blue or yep…black! Suits are triumphant at making anyone feel truly pulled together and the red suit, well its magical.

The Style Bible - The Red Suit

I’m personally more comfortable in heels than flats when wearing a suit but when I’m in the mood for feeling ultra comfortable yet trendy I will always wear trainers. But, there is a huge factor to this statement as I will only wear trainers if the suit is yelling stylish. I will not for any circumstance wear trainers with a tracksuit. That type of suit is left to days off or the jogging bottoms worn with heels! 

The Style Bible - The Red Suit

Suits can create such a dramatic style statement and have a huge impact on entrance and yet they can be so versatile. I have a few other tips when it comes to buying or styling the red suit if you are keen to read.

The Style Bible - The Red Suit

The Style Bible - The Red Suit Styling Tips

  1. Look at your wardrobe and see what colours you head towards when thinking of buying a statement suit like this red one. Suits are an investment so make sure you will get the wear out of them.

  2. Always try on the jackets and trousers with separate garments you have in your wardrobe to get the most out of the suit. 

  3. Buy or select 2 different sizes of trousers to either try on in the changing room or at home. The look of the suit will change dramatically when you size up or down. I love to wear looser trousers with trainers and get them tailored shorter. I have many suits with 2 pairs of the same bottoms, just different sizes. 

  4. If in any doubt about the shade of red pick up a few lipsticks and wear them before you know what colour to head towards. 

  5. Try on lots of shoe options when you are in the comfort of your home. 

  6. Don’t discard a suit due to thinking it won’t suit you. You must try it on and let yourself see and feel how it looks. 

  7. If you fall in love with a beautiful statement red suit and put it back or not buying it due to thinking to yourself that other people will just laugh at you well that’s you being silly! Most people don’t care about others style choices and if they do they will be admiring you for looking different and confident. Worrying what others think is such a waste of time and energy. 

  8. If you are tempted by picking up a beautiful red suit and a little shy then start off styling it with simple accessories to help you evolve with it for a while. 

  9. Wear in the trousers first or the jacket and build up to wearing the entire look. 

  10. Wear it with a vintage rock band T-shirt for that off duty casual look thrown on with a pair of fashion trainers. This can really make you feel fun and frivolous! 

I hope this has helped you to feel more confident in styling or buying a new red suit!