The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

It’s Thursday afternoon early March and I sit at my desk planning the year ahead. I have so many things to be thankful for in life. A wonderful husband and an incredible family. My daughter is always an inspiration and she’s just like my best friend. I find myself lost for a moment while working and feeling as though something is missing, is it my spiritual pendulum? What could possibly be missing I thought? Spiritual pendulums are what I call feelings of movement. This can be that feeling of bobbing along, not knowing what’s going to happen or just an astonishing moment in time. They can last days, weeks or sometimes seconds. We all have them but some of us don’t know how to read into them. When my pendulum is offset lord do I know about it. It throws me off for weeks!

The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

And when you get to 47 (nearly 470 and you have that unnerving feeling that something needs to be added to your life, changed or moved it can set your mind on fire. But quite frankly there isn’t anything I need changed. The thing that’s missing is in fact self doubt. It’s simply vanished off the horizon and all of a sudden. I’m at the point in life when it’s all coming together, it all makes so much sense and feels so right. My spiritual pendulum has in fact come full circle. Well it’s gone full circle and a I do have to say a few things haven’t altered. The coffee addiction is here to stay, the passion for fashion won’t ever dwindle and the drive to create is even stronger. 

The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

I’m about to embark on an entire new chapter in life and it’s all come about with fluidity. My work has evolved and I find myself sitting back and looking at the bigger picture. On the desk sits the detritus of 5 hours working on my brand, not at my nail technician desk or in my styling studio. There’s leftover coffee in a mug from this morning, not nail dust on my jeans. There are many tabs open on the laptop from doing endless google researches on nail brands, books, notebooks and posits, not bottles of gel polish missing their colour pops. There are several teams documents up on my screen that are gradually getting ticked off, not client record cards needing to be updated. There are crystals, a burning incense cone along with a lit wood wick candle in the corner (the kind that crackles and dances as you work) and not a single physical client in sight. My new happy place! How did I get here? Nearly 25 years later with a love for fashion, style and nails it’s all come together. Nearly 11 months ago I had the hair brain plan to launch my own gel nail brand, nail academy and personal styling courses and it’s nearly time to launch! 

The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

Whats going to happen I wonder? Except I already know the answer. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, but no matter what I do, my spiritual pendulum will swing back to a place of creativity, passion for helping others and the love of expression. The need to create in whatever form it my be will last a lifetime. 

The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

Divine guidance from the universe can always be trusted. We all have the ability to find our spiritual pendulum. You just need to communicate with yourself to allow your higher self to come to the surface. This is the only way that you can confidently make decisions and trust the process of life! Come with me on my journey and follow your dreams ladies! 

The Style Bible - How To Find Your Spirit Pendulum

How To Find Your Spirit pendulum

  1. Meditation…basically sit in a quiet room and let your mind wander. Day dream again like you did as a child.

  2. Become aware of your sensitivity as it’s the universe trying to give you signs. Don’t worry if others call you over sensitive as they can’t understand what your spirit pendulum is trying to tell YOU! It’s not about them. This is about you and your life and even the smallest feelings can be a way of your divine perception trying to communicate with you. Learn to listen to your gut basically.

  3. Distinguish between your inner self versus your mind, ego, needs of others or past experiences. You need to learn to let go.

  4. Be authentic 100% This is what really defines you and makes you…well unique.

  5. Take time out to understand who you really are. What are your values, your goals in life, your passions and above all your integrity?

  6. Find your happy place even if it’s only for 20 mins or so a day. It can be a good book, drawing or even writing.

  7. Reconnect with your creativity. If that means getting a hobby then do so. It’s not going to happen by chance. It’s up to you to find your spirit pendulum. It can sit dormant but when you reconnect and you find the circle of your life swings back around to what makes you happy it will happen with such grace you will find everything else works more smoothly.

My happy and divine place is creation in many forms. My spirit pendulum is never ending and its circle only becomes wider every second. It’s a true gift that unfolds every moment of everyday until the day I die. We should remind ourselves all the time that we have the ability to change direction when we choose to in the process. It’s all about the flow of energy that’s all around us. That and beautiful things we can harness. My beautiful place is creating style and helping others to feel truly special. What’s yours? If you don’t know yet, then just let it unfold.