How To Look After Your HD Brows

I believe that eyebrows are the most important thing when it comes to grooming. Makeup can look messy and natural but having the perfect brows means it will look flawless without much effort. The perfect brow shape however needs to be achieved by a professional. High Definition Brows are one of the my all time favourite things to create for a client. Just a few hairs trimmed in the right place can and will take years off of someones face and total appearance.

But I get asked all the time how to look after them between visits. So here is the steps you need to take to keep them looking great!

How To Look After Your HD Brows

A Guide To How To Look After Your Perfect Eyebrows 

  1. Good brows gives the wearer confidence and I have a few ultimate products that I use on myself and my clients. First up is the new High Definition brow palette. Its covers all hair colours and blends in so perfectly. The lightest shade is seriously brilliant as a little highlighter. Its also can double up as eyeshadows and even a contour palette. If you want to grab a good pallet that gives you the same effect then pick up a matt long lasting eyeshadow shade close to the natural colour of your roots. Make sure its matt. Sparkly brows went out in the 80's!
  2. Next you will need a twist brow pencil. The create a sleek look. They are compact and precise to create individual hairs. The perfect high street alternative to the ones I use professionally are from NYX
  3. If you need added definition my go to highlighter is High Brow from Benefit. Add a line under the arch of the brow and smudge into the skin with the ring finger. This will really enhance the total look.
  4. The brush I use is the smallest angled brush from Real Techniques. Its the best shape, size and angle to create really natural, perfect and defined brows.
  5. Illamasqa have the wonderful pot of tinted brow gel thats amazing at creating individual hairs if they are missing. Or if you want to totally change the shape of the brows entirely. It an be used as a gel liner and all over lid base or shadow too! I’m totally up for using products in a multi purpose kind of way.
  6. Lastly I always finish off any brows I create with clear mascara. It will set the look that will last all day.
How To Look After Your HD Brows

If you are an office in Winchester and you would like to have High Definition brows done then get in touch!